Internet Poachers

Introducing a discussion forum on 3rd party agencies who brutally poach your clients and steal them with lies and manipulation on topics that the clients are too shy to admit that they don’t understand. This is where client communication is critical to make sure that these things are introduced because rarely will a vendor, service […]

Your Company is the Reason Your Internet Marketing Campaigns are Over Budget With Such Weak Results

Have you noticed that when urgent decisions have to be made where every second is crucial the approval processes within an organization often cause these opportunities to be missed. When an opportunity is missed it can cost even more money because the work leading up to that moment could all have been in waste. Free […]

Law Firm SEO that makes Justia and other Attorney Marketing Sites Obselete

If someone handed you a flyer that had a list of 1000 attorneys how would you go about finding exactly what you need? You would probably call a friend, colleague, or search on Google. Specialized websites like Justia for finding attorneys benefit one company and that is Justia. Unless you pump a lot of money […]

SEO Isn’t Important? Why would optimizing your website or your Local Search be Unnecessary?

Have you ever seen someone do something difficult and a bystander who is unable to do the same thing will just write it off as being too easy or irrelevant? There is an attitude among some Internet folks who would like to have people believe that SEO and its related tasks are not important and […]

Samara Oblast – Russian Hacking or SPAM Referral to your website?

Samara Oblast is a region in Russia that will easily drive more than 1,000 inquiries to your website every month. This is not always good traffic.   Now when we look at a daily cyber attack report to the same server we can see the break down of Brute Force attacks by country and by […]

Posted in: SEO is a Spam Referrer that does nothing beneficial for your website It should at least be filtered when analyzing your traffic statistics It can also be blocked in your .htaccess file – For instructions on how to create a structured .htaccess file to block SPAM Referrers click here   

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More Amazing Search Engine Results – Increase Quality Traffic with No Limits!

When these steps are followed we have a 100% SUCCESS RATE! Our system continues to prove that there are no limits to what can be achieved. Month after month we are driving quality traffic to our client websites. Here are just 3 screenshots of increases that show the same period this year compared to last […]

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