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Link Exchanges: BEWARE!!

Link Exchanges: If you sell horses then maybe putting links for a law firm on your site isn’t the most effective use of contextual link exchanges. Think about your linking strategy and where you want your links to appear as well as what links you want to allow to link back from your website. Mass produced backlinks with automated software solutions gives you links that aren’t usually contextual. Investing in this type of software is more likely to cost you time and frustration as well as search engine penalization if you’re not careful. Beware of services who promise 100s of backlinks for a small fee. Finding and acquiring quality and contextual backlinks is a science and not something that can be done without some intuitive labor.

Posting from WordPress to Facebook using Nextscripts Social Plugin


Login URL:
Password: xxxxxxx

Go to New and Post at the top of the page

Type in your Title. In some cases this is sufficient. If you have a large amount of text then put it in the Body of the Post but since you’re driving traffic to your site it is best to tease them with a title and drive them to your site for the remaining info in the message.
Now to add an image to the post
Go to ADD MEDIA in the upper left hand corner of the message body


Select the image you want to upload and on this next screen make sure it is selected with the CHECK BOX

After the image is uploaded then scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page and check the box next to FACEBOOK Posting

Scroll up and check Only the box that says BLOG and de-select any other boxes that might be checked unless you specifically wish to have this post applied to other categories.

CLICK PUBLISH and you’re done. Within a few minutes your post should appear on your Facebook page.

Bootable USB Antivirus and Malware Removal

Be Proactive. You might be glad you were.
There are a lot of variants of malware and viruses which can disable your ability to enter into Windows properly. Even in Safe Mode! Without the ability to get into Windows it’s near impossible to fix a malware infection or a virus without removing the hard drive or booting up to a CD with a virus scan or malware software.
Buy a USB Stick. Buy Two actually!
First USB Stick:
Install AVG Bootable Malware Scan:
Second USB Stick:
Install a Virus Scan on a USB Stick: