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Yelp API

The Yelp APIs are RESTful APIs and users can retrieve business review and rating, information for a particular geographic region or location.

display review information for a particular business, determine accurate neighborhood name information for a particular location, track recent reviews for a particular business, display pictures of highly rated local businesses and of the top reviewers for that business, determine a particular business’ review and rating information based on the phone number for that business. The default output is JSON. This output format was chosen due to the availability of JSON parsers in many languages. The Yelp v2.0 API enables access to more relevant search results that more closely match the results on Yelp. It uses a standard and secure authorization protocol (OAuth 1.0a, xAuth).


Shopzilla API

Unleash-Your-Geek-Shopzilla_APIThe Shopzilla, Inc. Catalog API provides access to the Shopzilla, Inc. inventory of catalogued products, merchant offers, and merchant ratings & reviews content through a query-based RESTful web service, responses formatted in XML or JSON|P. Managed through the Shopzilla Publisher Program, a CPC affiliate marketing program, publishers are able to monetize using this API. Users of this API are able to choose between two versions, each providing logic native to its corresponding Shopzilla, Inc. property: or Bizrate API: Provides access to the entire Shopzilla, Inc. offer universe, exposing content from 8,000+ merchants. You would use this version to create a full comparison shopping site. Beso API: Provides the opportunity to create a style-based experience with a curated set of offers focused in soft goods categories. You would use this version to create a fashion-oriented shopping site. Both APIs provide access to the merchant ratings and reviews collected through the Bizrate Insights platform. International? APIs also available for the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. API

With the API you can integrate relevant product content with the deepest product catalog available online. Add millions of unique products and merchant offers to your site., an eBay company, is the world�s online comparison shopping service leader. It’s global websites (, DealTime, and DoorOne) carry one of the world�s largest product catalogs and offers from more than 6000 merchants. The XML API uses a RESTful interface and can be used to feature dynamic content on your web pages. It offers capabilities such as keyword search, refining and sorting search results, finding product reviews, reading product specs, comparing products and prices from different merchants and controlling the number of results and navigating between pages.

PriceGrabber API

By using the PriceGrabber XML API, you gain instant access to millions of products and offers, PriceGrabber�s categories/taxonomy, but also (depending on the level of API access that you receive), access to product full descriptions and specs, user and merchant reviews, coupons and rebates, and much more. The PriceGrabber XML API is a REST-based API, which means that you will programmatically get access to the PriceGrabber catalog simply by sending requests over HTTP following a specific syntax, similarly to how a browser retrieves a web page from a website. You will receive responses from the API in an XML format. XML is a standard that allows programs to describe data independently from the language or platform a site or application is running on. Because using a REST API requires some basic programming knowledge, including understanding of the HTTP protocol and parsing of XML documents, you will need to possess these skills or request help from someone who does to be able to integrate PriceGrabber data into your site or application. XML API Access: You first and foremost need to request access to our API. You will be given a partner ID (pid) and special key that you will use to access the API. You will initially be asked to send your API requests to a development server where you will be able to test the XML API and start building your application. Please note that this test environment is not meant to support a large amount of XML API requests. You should never attempt any type of performance or load tests, nor should you drive high levels of traffic to it. If you have specific requirements regarding the service levels of our XML API, please check with your account manager to see what options are available. Once you are satisfied with your implementation, one of our experts will review your integration and provide feedback, suggestions or request changes to make sure that your website or application is using the API correctly and as optimally as possible. Upon completion of this review, you will be granted access to our production environment and will change your API request domain. Getting information from our XML API is simple as calling the �search_xml.php?� URL and passing a series of parameters that are detailed in the next section. Each parameter is separated from the previous one by a �&� sign and each parameter works as a name=value pair. Parameters have different meanings and purposes that will allow you to flexibly search products, offers or other content within the PriceGrabber catalog.

LinkShare API

LinkShare gives ecommerce sites a programmable pay-per-action marketing network and patented technology. The Merchandiser Query Tool lets you to run a query against the Merchandiser data for advertisers that you are partnered with. Using a REST-based web service API, this tool allows you to do a full text search for products that match keywords.

Moneybookers API

Use the Moneybookers Automated Payments Interface API to send money, make pay-on-demand transactions, check transaction statuses, and download account histories. Users of the main site send money via Moneybookers by logging into their account and using the Send Money option. You can automate this same process using the API.

Google Checkout API

From their site: Google Checkout is a checkout process that you integrate with your website, enabling your customers to buy from you quickly and securely, using a single username and password. Once they do, you can use Google Checkout to charge their credit cards, process their orders, and receive payment in your bank account.