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SEO and other Annoying Internet Service Provider Poachers acting like Street Hustlers

Ethics in business.
Ethics in Internet Marketing.
Ethics in SEO.
Ethics IN LIFE.
Ethics to me is not something you need to be taught. It’s who you are. It’s who I am.
Quality and productive business relationships are built on ethics.
Argue it if you will but when two parties communicate they can accomplish a lot. Phone calls have fallen by the wayside and business relationships have for some reason become less committed. People and companies have become accustomed to the fly by night services which have forced them into a pattern of testing out new fads at a whim. On an impulsive moment all logic of maintaining positive alliances which for lack of a better term “have your back”. Not just a firm, a consultant or 3rd party provider but a committed individual or team who quite literally have your back when it comes to business. For your Internet relationships. For your business like it was their own.
Doing business like it used to be done when major decisions had the courtesy of a meeting or a discussion.
Here is where we introduce Internet Poachers.

Internet Poachers

Introducing a discussion forum on 3rd party agencies who brutally poach your clients and steal them with lies and manipulation on topics that the clients are too shy to admit that they don’t understand.
Stealing SEO and Internet Marketing ClientsThis is where client communication is critical to make sure that these things are introduced because rarely will a vendor, service provider, SEO agency, get the chance to defend anything they do before another company suddenly has your client’s website pointing to their DNS.
Mistakes to Avoid.
Coming Soon. Like to be notified when this discussion continues.
This is a direct quote from the link to the right of the folks in a tug of war.
I set out to write more on this topic because too often we’re seeing poachers come in and wine and dine clients like they were professional athletes. Loyalty on one side and ethics on the other it’s all about money which is just a matter of priority. But it is this loyalty which helps both parties to benefit because when there is a level of stability a vendor might throw more freebies on the table.
I encourage business business owners to read this article as well as implement some practices which hel nurture strong vendor relationships.
“It’s because of your lack of account oversight and continued training. (tweet this)

  • You didn’t tie the activity back to metrics that the client could use – so even though you may have made an impact, they may not have understood the difference it made.
  • There was no strategy – or at least not one that tied back to client goals and needs – so the client couldn’t substantiate the spend or didn’t see results where they were needed.
  • Once you won the account, the team didn’t deliver on the initial pitch – leaving the client high and dry wondering what the heck happened.
  • The team handling the account doesn’t have enough experience – so the results were poor and the client ended the relationship due to lack of results.”

Your Company is the Reason Your Internet Marketing Campaigns are Over Budget With Such Weak Results

Have you noticed that when urgent decisions have to be made where every second is crucial the approval processes within an organization often cause these opportunities to be missed. When an opportunity is missed it can cost even more money because the work leading up to that moment could all have been in waste.
Free your company from being its own worst victim.
It’s critical to understand that “management” and “tech” are like Oil and Water. Management needs to let tech manage itself because it’s that freedom which brews innovation. Innovation makes money and makes clients happy.
Empower your employees to get things done without repercussions. With accountability but cut us/them some slack to do what is necessary because it’s unlikely that a process oriented management structure will comprehend what was behind a highly technical and analytical decision.
Stop trying to learn everything in order to justify allowing it to be used. This is your company’s own worst enemy. Let the experts do their work.
Happy SEO.

Law Firm SEO that makes Justia and other Attorney Marketing Sites Obselete

If someone handed you a flyer that had a list of 1000 attorneys how would you go about finding exactly what you need?
You would probably call a friend, colleague, or search on Google.
Specialized websites like Justia for finding attorneys benefit one company and that is Justia. Unless you pump a lot of money into a system like theirs you will absolutely not get the exposure to justify the spend.
unleash your geek legal seoThere are actually a number of factors to consider with services like theirs.
They own your content. They control everything. You have no access to the file system, the server, customization, etc.
SEO is locked down to a degree that you don’t have options for improving upon their outdated platform so ultimately the only benefit for your investment is that you might get a few leads every month.
Hopefully those leads pay $2500 or more.
How do we stand up above a service like Justia and why are we able to do what Justia can’t do?
We know law firms but we also know where companies like Justia don’t reach and we make sure we reach further.
I have a print screen somewhere and I love using this example!
An Orange County, California Defense Attorney had been paying Justia for years. We finally convinced this attorney that due to a long list of situations that they had experienced with Justia they consider moving to our unique SEO system. Our process. Our hands on, tailored solution.
After more than 3 years (YES, THREE YEARS!) with Justia this attorney was receiving 3 visitors a month from California and over 800 from around the world. About 500 from the USA.
3 visitors per month from the whole State of California. This is what Justia was getting them.
We took the reigns on this and within 60 days that number went from about 800 nationwide down to about 500 and increased California traffic to almost 100 per month.
Justia: 3/800 visitors from California
Unleash Your Geek SEO: 100/500 visitors from California
The attorney began calling us asking how to deal with all of the phone calls. Seriously!! Complaining that the phone rang too much.
If you want the same problem then give us a call.
We’ll show you how to release the reigns from Justia or other directory and specialty based services and get seen with a unique and tailored campaign.
unleash your geek legal seo

SEO Isn't Important? Why would optimizing your website or your Local Search be Unnecessary?

Have you ever seen someone do something difficult and a bystander who is unable to do the same thing will just write it off as being too easy or irrelevant?
There is an attitude among some Internet folks who would like to have people believe that SEO and its related tasks are not important and that SEO itself is not effective.
I guarantee that anyone who says this has never studied the results of Analytics over the course of a marketing campaign and has most likely never used the same Analytics or other tools to give that website an edge over the competition.
I guarantee that SEO is more alive and well today, possible with a few more acronyms, than it was 10 years ago. It is just more complex and because it’s complex there are people who just haven’t figured out how to keep up. These are the people who will try to discount its effectiveness.
If your sales person discounts SEO then slam the door and fire them. They’re ignorant.

Resellers and Salesmen who Refuse to use Google Analytics will Fail to Succeed with SEO

Right off the bat everyone: If you Sell SEO then you must be able to understand and explain some basics to your client(s) and even translate the Analytics into an effective game plan.
There are no cookie cutter SEO plans and understanding the current traffic patterns of your client and ongoing data is critical in every stage of marketing. Data changes and so does the approach and combination of tools you use.
If you have a sales person or Internet consultant who doesn’t know how to explain Google Analytics to you then I guarantee that your internet marketing is not as effective as possible. Your clients might also become frustrated or feel uninformed and then come the competitors to steal your client. Common story.
I have actually worked with  more than a few sales people, “consultants”, who discount SEO and claim that “Google Analytics” is too confusing to their clients so they don’t want to “waste time explaining” how it can help improve their clients’ investments.
Wouldn’t it be funny if nurses decided that reading charts was “too complicated” so they just put band aids on everything or if mechanics didn’t know how to read engine diagnostics so they just put air in the tires instead of doing a performance overhaul?
This is exactly the same.
SEO in part comes from a thorough and ongoing assessment of Google Analytics and this is used to give the necessary tweaks to over 1000 different aspects of a website.
I have built, tested, promoted, engineered, over 1500 websites. That means 1000s of scenarios which were based on Analytics results and other traffic data.  Analytics is used to see whether local search was adequate, social media was sending referrals, directory listings are getting updated and act as quality backlinks, public citations to your site and so much more.
If you do not understand that’s OK. It is difficult and complex! People actually get PAID to understand this data and sometimes even get paid to explain it to clients. Some people call that technical sales….or just talking to the “tech guy”. Either way this is important to understand and as a home based company with a UPS Store Suite address for your business or a Silicon Valley sweat shop, Analytics is a must. If you are a white label provider and want to maintain the cloak of secrecy then you need to find someone who can explain this to your client. One too many times we have witnessed the worst case “I Told You So” and it never gets any easier to watch a sales person or provider hustle down the same road certain that they can beat the odds. So far, no luck. Don’t try to be a hero. Do your job or find a sidekick who can work with you to explain what details are important and what to do with your results.
By the way, less than 10% of SEO Consultants or reps have a useful level of Analytics knowledge and fewer utilize it at a true predictive analytical manner.
Sales people who do not care to understand Analytics are failing their clients. One of those salesman told me that it is not his job to explain SEO to clients but the same person has an exclusive relationship with the client and due to their white label preference they don’t include the SEO company in the conversation so 90% of recommendations don’t get relayed effectively and the rest just get communicated improperly. For a technical person in the discussion it is obvious that the sales person does not understand what is going on and soon will be looking for new clients.
They don’t want to explain it because they don’t understand it.
For example, I can take a local business with 1000 visitors a month worldwide and only 3 visitors in their local market and change it so that they only have 400 visitors worldwide and 75 in their local market.
This means that we just improved the quality of visitors by increasing potential clients in their market from 3 to 75.
An SEO company will now go try to steal your client by telling them that their traffic dropped from 1000 to 400 visitors and the salesman and the client will have no clue what just happened.
This has happened on more than one occasion to my re-sellers because they refused to educate their clients on how traffic patterns work.
They say it’s too complicated. They just lost a client. And they no longer work with me. This is an essential part of a complete internet marketing strategy.
Google Analytics is the KEY to effective internet marketing and it is the cornerstone to gathering data for a solid foundation of Technical SEO.