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I’m Chuc Mason and I started this journey that became Unleash Your Geek back in the mid-late 80s when I started in the national marketing arena. I began with a small startup called Insider Magazine, a national college monthly, as a sales rep and this evolved into my National Sales Director role. In 1994 I moved to Kansas City to expand our market and distribution network. While I was building an incredible client base I stumbled across Gateway 2000 computers who had just opened up a technical support call center in Kansas City to support their home computer empire.

While at Gateway I was trained in personal computers and fell in love with it. I had applied for a Sales job!! After over 15 years of experience in sales, I was told I wasn’t qualified. Hm.

I advanced in the support arena and became a part of the research and development of products. This became a highly technical and advanced position as we fielded over 10,000 calls a day in a period where we were dealing with a new technology that no one knew anything about.
From DOS to Windows 3.1 to Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Windows 7, and beyond I’ve sat at the grunt level all the way to the top of the most advanced technical teams in a handful of Fortune 500 (Forbes 500?!) companies.
During my last 25 years since I worked at Gateway, I’ve worked for advanced analysis teams at the top 50 major companies as a technical turnaround analyst.
In 2001 I started a small Internet company that developed websites for a few choice clients with offices in Russia, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, England, and a few more.
From 2001 to 2012 I’ve developed and managed over 500 websites while creating E-Commerce solutions and mass marketing systems. At the time we didn’t call it to search engine optimization as we didn’t know what that was yet. We developed some of the first ‘algorithms’ that helped pioneer our current system for scientifically and intuitively promoting websites on the Internet. During this growth, we also helped develop methods for customers to manage their websites and create regular updates.

Since 2007 I’ve personally devoted over 70 hours a week to my computer by creating systems that we now have in place to manage websites and their Search Engine Optimization processes.

Founder and CTO at
Unleash Your Geek

December 4, 2007 – Present·Hot Springs, Arkansas
From an acorn grew the mighty oak. Unleash Your Geek, Inc. began as Missing Link as a derivative of Gateway’s inspiration to bring solutions to the masses. Combo of all things tech. From server tuning and optimization to affiliate marketing and white label solutions to small to large sales groups. Cybercrimes and human trafficking, background checks, crime, and fraud by contract. SEO, Internet marketing, website optimization, cyber strategy, custom social media apps for comm, and much more! The inventor of the Universal “ONE CLICK SEO” solution with “”

CEO at
Unleash Your Geek – Web site development, SEO, general consulting, technology support. Business startup(s), e-Comm
Former Senior System Analyst at Underwriters Laboratories
October 3, 2005 – August 2007·Northbrook, Illinois
Senior System Analyst to the Executive offices of UL. Enterprise systems and applications integration engineer.

Former Cyber Crimes at
Illinois Crimestoppers

December 4, 2003 – 2009·Mount Prospect, Illinois
Tracing online posts to Chicago’s surrounding counties back to offenders in trafficking and adult to minor crimes to obtain warrants and arrests.

Former Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA) at
Niku Corporation
December 4, 2000 – 2002·Northfield, Illinois
Fortune 500 Startup using MSSQL and Oracle servers for Java based CRM. Testing and development of CRM for California based startup.
Former Cyber Crimes Research Analyst at
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova
December 4, 1999 – 2007·Volgograd, Russia
Contract via special entities to locate Russian, Ukrainian and Moldovan syndicate trafficking with dating and matchmaking companies.
Former Applications Systems Analyst at Ibbotson Associates
December 4, 1998 – 2000·Chicago, Illinois
Lead systems support analyst for development of custom portfolio management and asset allocation software for Big 7 (Ernst Young, etc…). Our work was acquired by Morningstar!!
Former Network Security Engineer at Ameritech/SBC
January 1, 1997 – April 1998·Schaumburg, Illinois
Internal telecom management with employee network and systems support. Merger acquisition support and development for internal support system.

Former Chat Room Designer at

Motley Crue
December 4, 1996 – July 1997·Round Lake Beach, Illinois
Lifelong Motley Crue HARDCORE fan: Administered, Designed and installed Motley Crue’s 1st Chat Room software at the year before their infamous Generation Swine release. The first time their chat room exploded with complaints over Generation Swine. Still waiting for my free meet and greet.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Missing Link, Inc.
December 4, 1996 – 2005·Grayslake, Illinois
Cyber Consulting – affiliate marketing, competitive research and strategy, systems analyst, identity theft and background checks, cyber bounty recovery.
Technical Support Analyst at Gateway 2000 Inc.
December 4, 1994 – 1996·Kansas City, Missouri
Member of the first team of Gateway’s Technical Support center side by side with today’s Internet Veterans and pioneers. Go Ted!!!

Former Special guest at
January 4, 1993 – February 1994·Mount Prospect, Illinois
Crime resolution specialist.

Former Internal Fraud Management at

U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General
1992 – 1994·Mount Prospect, Illinois
Eyes inside for systems fraud and crime prevention.

Former pleeb at

U.S. Navy Recruit Training Command
On October 3, 1990·Orlando, Florida
P.O. 1st C. 4 weeks of Naval training/boot camp. Mission not accomplished.


Former National Sales Director at

Insider Magazine
December 5, 1988 – 1995·Skokie, Illinois
National sales strategy and distribution to over 500 college campuses. College Concert Network, new music promotions, college marketing campaigns.

Studied at

Valley Forge Military Academy & College
September 1989 – December 1989
High School

Went to

Lake Forest Community High School District 115, Lake Forest, IL
Class of 1987

North Shore Country Day School 1984-1986