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More Facebook Scam Emails – Friend Request

You receive an email that looks like a Legit email from Facebook for someone who wants to be your friend.
Below is a screen shot of an actual email:
When this email is viewed in plain text mode you can see that it is not from Facebook. It is actually from a hacked host that is being used to send bulk emails:
HOW TO HANDLE FACEBOOK emails from people you don’t know?
The safest bet is to go to your Facebook page in person and not EVER click to Facebook from within an email of someone you don’t recognize.
If you had in fact gone to this link you would risk something being downloaded onto your computer that could possibly track your browsing habits as well as passwords that could lead to your personal bank accounts or other private information being hacked.

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Did you get penalized by Google?

Maybe this is why!

search enginesWe now have CONFIRMATION that efforts to duplicate information on more than one website by a company with the same postal address and/or phone number can be cross-referenced by search engines (GOOGLE more so than others) to determine that they are the same business and therefore will be penalized by Google.

We do not claim to have inside knowledge of this information. We do not have direct contact with anyone at Google.
What we do have are valid trial and error efforts that show that the obvious truth is actually true.
Seriously speaking though if you are an SEO professional or are active with Internet Marketing than this SHOULD be a no-brainer! Penguin?! Seriously? You needed the big Penguin to tell you that  trying to manipulate search engines was going to get you in trouble?
Remember when your parents told you that lying will get you nowhere and it will always bite you in the ass? That holds true here also. Trying to play games and deceive search engines is not going to happen.

Play fair. White Hat. Organic. Quality Content. 

This is how we play the game and always have. We have ALWAYS discouraged the use of multiple domain names to try and capture keywords and drive traffic. Consolidate your efforts into Quality Content, user friendly websites, simple navigation, less fluff and more substance.

The formula is easy.

The rest of the formula for good rankings and targeted traffic? We can’t give away the whole recipe now can we? That would be CRAZY!! But for now we’ll let you chew on this tidbit.

If you need some help with the rest we’re happy to work for you or your company to make it happen.

Keep your eyes out for the follow up to this article where I will get into more details about avoiding the common traps…without giving away my recipe or success in SEO.

The proof is in the pudding kids! Hire someone to manage your SEO and your Internet plan. It’s not as easy as you would think! The risk of trying to learn it while also trying to run your business is like learning to be a doctor to save on medical visits. Leave it to the pros.

VeryKool Cell Phones

I recently got the VeryKool phone which is supposed to be a cheap solution to give you essential connectivity. We wanted to test it as a portable music player. Not the greatest idea.
Unfortunately we were stopped dead in our tracks when testing this on 2 fronts.
When trying to download the Sync software from their website all of their Zip files are empty! They give you the option of choosing which model you have and no matter which model you choose the Zip file we downloaded is empty.
Usually with cell phones you can easily connect the phone to your PC and simply copy and paste mp3 music files into your phone’s directory. From there the phone should be able to read those music files and play them. In this case we copied the music files to every possible directory on our memory card and the phone doesn’t want to play them. It gives us errors about unrecognized formats.
If there were some sort of an import function that would allow these files to be added to the music library or possibly convert them to a playable format by installing an App that would help.
We decided to visit the website and do it old school style by downloading a Sync software that is supposed to be for managing files and playing music as well as other things. For days on end we revisited the site and tried downloading these files which continue to download with no content.
Since this didn’t work we sent their support team a trouble ticket. They replied within 2 days and also emailed me the file personally. KUDOS!!! Good Save ALL!! Thank You.
The UPSIDE? I tuned into the FM channel and was able to go for a bike ride and listen to the radio. Not a terrible alternative I guess.