You Don't Believe SEO is for Real?

In Response to Someone who needed to think about what he was publishing. His Article preface is as follows. Needless to say that when he was confronted about his error he chose to block us when he was caught in a lie. This is how big egos in this industry usually deal with things which … Read more

Growth Hacking – Google Doesn't Matter

Can you imagine if someone had the courage to stand up against the biggest Internet giant and make such a public statement? Well, this isn’t really so true. Google is in fact important. Ranking “in the top 10” is not as important as people would believe. I have so many people who call me and … Read more

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Why I don't Sell my SEO Services

Well, that’s an odd title! Here’s the thing. A happy client is usually going to be the client who was referred by someone they trust. This applies to almost any industry. Pick one. One of the blessings in this business is that when you do a good job and build a reputation for getting results … Read more

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Complete Internet Marketing Solution

You’ve heard about the new Social API. Click to CALL NOW or Order Online 303-REAL-SEO (732-5736) [bscolumns class=”one_third”] $199/mo. $199 Setup Fee WAIVED Today Only Friday August 5 All Packages include the One of a Kind 5 Keyword Phrases 3 longtail keywords each (15 total) Article Submissions 5 Directory Submissions Backlinks Crowd Marketing 2500 credits (2 … Read more