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The Secret of Technical SEO and Meeting Goals

SEO as an industry leaves a lot of people scratching their heads because SEO doesn’t have rules that make sense to certain types of thinking.

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Marketing management has to consider the obscure intuitive skills of experienced pros who can’t always explain why something has to be done a certain way. The steps to accomplish something often come with a proactive approach that helps to avoid costly missteps that can only be avoided by people who have done something so many times that they know what to avoid and what to embrace. Textbook learning for many technology-related fields only goes so far when experience really is the only thing that can get the job done. It is this experience we seek to have on our teams so that we can collaborate with fresh new ideas while using the caution of experience.

One of the most challenging and exciting things about working in this industry is that every day we are creating tools to meet the needs of different types of businesses. Managing SEO and website performance is one of the trickiest endeavors because it can involve the coordination of many teams to come together and accomplish complex solutions. While developing solutions the feedback of the experts on the team needs to meet the needs of the clients while giving something which can be utilized moving forward. What we’ve done over the years is to develop solutions that help businesses to remain flexible and make adjustments with the changes in the industry.

My background is one of a highly technical origin with about 25 years of troubleshooting my way to the point of a solution. Most of that troubleshooting was done with someone standing behind me telling me that something couldn’t be done. For those of you who are accustomed to being told what isn’t possible you know that this is what makes it the most fun to find the solution that no one thought was possible. This is what it takes to take the extra step in Technical SEO which involves somewhat of a back and forth approach. Every action causes a reaction and every change has an effect so when optimizing any area from server to website it’s necessary to take note of the effects it has on the end results. When someone adds a plugin on a website to try and speed it up they could actually be slowing it down due to incompatibility of the particular plugin.

This is what we find at the core of Technical SEO.

Technical SEO by definition brings together the fine-tuning of servers, website performance, and 100s of other aspects of a website in order to get the best results for being found on the Internet.

What is too often overlooked though are the human contributions that also need to be optimized. Even with all of the tools and processes running at full speed, they are all only as effective as the least common denominator. If even one person on a team doesn’t feel that what they are doing is important then it can affect the outcome of the whole optimization process.

Disbelievers or critics of the people in charge can prevent a website and a business from getting the results they want because the timeline of work will be affected when debate ensues instead of following through on critical tasks defined by the leaders of the team.

SEO is not only about implementing processes and optimizing a website or optimizing code. SEO is about optimizing the resources of a team in order to make sure that future workflow also follows the same guidelines and doesn’t take shortcuts when attention to detail in every area is so critical.

#UNLEASHYOURGEEK SEO DASHBOARDSEO isn’t a new specialty but has just been given different names along the way. SEO requires quality content which goes all the way back to print media before the Internet was even taking off. Without Optimized content, a newspaper or publication would not get the audience that it wants. If you try to sell a newspaper that has terrible articles then circulation is going to drop or not grow. The same thing goes for websites. If you are not focusing on quality content then all of the tricks in the book are not going to give you the results you want because all of the super engineerings that go behind Technical SEO depend on the quality content that supports the website(s).

Take your website to the next level by systematically fine-tuning every area that needs attention. This can take a week or 3 months but by following the right order and putting things in place correctly a significant advantage can be had just by saving time during the process.

Social Media for Business, B2B, and other unique business models

What Social Networking Means To Your Small Biz

<written by an aspiring tech ghost writer, please pardon the grammar>

No local business has a very easy time launching. Apart from difficult initiatives and also limited budgets, there has to be that task called social media. It’s not something you could purchase or pay people to do. Certain, social media sites advertising and marketing as well as its management might be applied by tools and also software application, or you might hire an expert to do all the equivalent tasks. The important things is, you initially have to understand just what social media sites does for a company.
Currently, do you understand why you’re prodded to go active on social networks? What actually is the function of social media sites when it pertains to advertising, consumer support as well as all other facets of your business? These two concerns– as well as many more– can be responded to by keeping reading. Absolutely, you will certainly soon find out the significant duty of social media in raking profits, making faithful clients and also handling your ads, advertising as well as sales.
So Just What Is Social media site?

It is in referral to the ways of interaction and also communication among individuals using of internet-based technologies, to consist of mobile systems. It can be found in many types, but the most popular social media type would be social networking websites such as Facebook, blogs or blog sites, social blogs, microblogs such as Twitter, and content sharing areas like YouTube. For objectives of categorization, there are 6 different social media sites types. Including in the ones stated would be online video games and digital social worlds, along with joint undertakings which allow internet customers to take part.
The advantage concerning the majority of these social media sites types is that they are now offered in one incorporated systems. Hence, sharing of material, interacting and also emails can be carried out in simply one platform or social networking website.
What Aid Does It Offer A Small Biz?
Being a complex but extremely viable investment, any kind of company can gain large with mixing 2 or even more sorts of social media sites. In one swift swoop, targets like customer assistance, branding as well as constructing online visibility as well as service marketing can be accomplished. However , any type of small biz would certainly gain from social media sites because it is the quickest, most reliable way of communicating with customers. Nowadays, more compared to ever before, data is something that’s in everybody’s hand. Think about what your business will get if you’re energetic in the social networks sphere!

Ever observed just how years ago companies would invest so much on aiming to offer? Well, nowadays, it’s not hardcore marketing any longer; not also concerning hefty ads that sets you back much or also laborious to prepare and accomplish. With social media, it’s everything about making links, be it with existing as well as possible clients, other companies in the exact same sector, or the area. It’s everything about authentic interaction while having the ability to subtly highlight advertising and marketing initiatives. Therefore, social networks is a more individual, thus human and also legitimate, strategy to engaging with consumers.
One more excellent aspect of social media sites is that it doesn’t need huge, pricey projects to connect. More like, it requires basic, small yet powerful acts, such as sharing your ideas or most recent product online. Not only does this happen quickly, there’s that human component that is perceived doing not have in many big time ads. See, social media makes little companies as well as their owners simply be themselves– get included, express state of minds, reach out, ask for aid … simply be human!
Most importantly, being in the social internet makes any kind of company offered for everyone. Call it client assistance, call it PR monitoring or call it whatever you such as. However no other time in the background of local business have mails, phones and also walk-in questions end up being so fast as well as simple. All these could be done at one time with a social network site, a blog site remark or a shared video clip!
So, do think about it and obtain your tiny biz energetic in the social media ball soon!

WeTransfer.com Account Hijacking Alert

If you get an email from an email address you recognize that directs you to download something from WeTransfer.com then there is a big chance it is a scam if you normally don't receive these.
We just received one here and by checking the URL of where it asks to login using a social media account it is then easy to tell that it is coming from a rogue website.

This is the Link that is stealing your Login information

Dirty Secrets of Internet Marketing – Stop Trying to Be your own SEO Expert

Yes, believe it or not this still is anything but a Do It Yourselfer industry. Now that we got that out of the way….here is the path you need to follow if you want to take your business seriously.
Be the business owner or manager and focus on your business. Micromanaging processes that are outside of your scope of expertise will only frustrate and irritate the people who are getting paid to help you.
SEO, Technical SEO, Internet Security, hacker threat prevention, fraud detection and a myriad of other things are best handled by the people who do it for a living.
Even for a small town auto mechanic the online threats are alive and well waiting to get into your website and anything you have online. It only takes one point of entry to cost the unsuspecting, or non believers, into paying sometimes thousands of dollarsĀ  in lost revenue, reputation and other possible crippling effects.
Even though you might continue working offline the online business can be affected by negative reviews due to a breach of a website. This can affect your reputation in the community if people think your website is not unsafe.
This is just a cross section of reasons why the DIY needs to re consider trying to DIY. It’s not worth it.

WHY should the work be outsources to experts (plural) and not a friend who “knows computers” or a Web Designer?

1.) Web Designers are web designers. I personally can build websites but work in the technical side of the industry by choice.
Mechanics modify race cars to make them outperform the competition. These are your Technical SEO and performance pros.
Body shops paint the cars to make them look nice for the sponsors and the fans. These are your website designers.
Race car drivers drive the cars. This is the business owner and the customer.
Artistic work is a different mentality altogether than a high level technical aptitude that is needed to manage the 100s if not 1000s of factors that make managing a powerful website successful. A business owner and a website designer can’t have the cutting edge if they have to focus on their normal every day work.

How to avoid getting screwed by a service

Keep ownership of everything. Accounts should be set up by 3rd party services in your name, company name, internal emails addresses, etc. You should always be able to walk away from a service provider with minimal complications.
Sometimes it’s easier to let someone else set things up but at the very least try to have them add your email as Admin or otherwise in order to maintain ultimate ownership control of an account.
Listen to your Google Analytics
This is where people get screwed. The most common response I get is that Analytics is too complicated and doesn’t seem important.
YES IT IS!! It’s complicated and it’s important.
If you’re not studying your Analytics you’re only hurting yourself and your business. If your SEO team is not giving feedback on Analytics then something needs to change.
Analytics shows you where the sources of customers are and what strengths from your website are the most effective. A good Analytics reading every 30 days can change the course of a business marketing strategy.
Ignoring the importance of Analytics and not responding to recommendations can cost lost business and turn current customers away.
Bathroom Reading
If you’re not already in the bathroom reading this along with People magazine and Reader’s Digest then I suggest a quick read here from one of my favorites regarding Technical SEO. This is one of many articles that sums up some of the basics. There are others and I encourage reading them as well. Ultimately you need to understand that there things that average people don’t understand. Performance tuning a website and the machine behind the scenes is critical for security, speed, multiple mobile devices, viewing sizes, browser types, payment methods, sharing, and more.

Technical SEO checklist: 7 essential tips to implement now for 2017

CF Mason – HGIC – Unleash Your Geek, Inc.

When you’re ready to do it right speak to an expert about evaluating your current situation. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter solution to SEO or website development. All websites are built differently to function with different types of businesses. The back end as well needs to be tuned to work with your method of running the business.
For this and so many more reasons there is no shame in outsourcing because you’re “computer illiterate”.
I visit a doctor for medical and a transmission specialist for my car.
I go to a Technical SEO expert to handle my site. In this case it’s myself but you get the idea.
For more info send me a note on any social media and I’ll be happy to help you out to see where you’re at.


Fraud Protection

Fraud Security by Protecting Your Google Sharing Activity

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Fraud Protection on the Short term

The bad guys that have this debit card data are not going to attack online merchants for goods that they will have to convert to cash. They have been walking straight to the ATMs for the green dollar.

Fraud Protection on the long term

The impact on merchants in the CNP world will be minimal; certainly no more than a few numbers of credit cards but probably less. I do not think the CP merchants will feel it much either. Consumers, on the other hand, are going to take a huge hit. As you probably know, credit card holder's liability is limited to $50 under FTC regulations but I do not think there is any such limit for debit cards. The card holder is responsible for keeping the PIN private and shame on him if it gets out and he does not report the card stolen.
Cyber Security for Fraud Protection

Cyber Security and Fraud Protection

Website Speed and Server Security

They work hand in hand.
By fine tuning the speed of the website the files on the website (like scripts, themes, style sheets/css) are being optimized as well. This will usually mean that they are getting enhanced security and updates in the process.
Having a nice looking website is important but having a secure site that loads fast and that is a step ahead of your competition is vital to having the strategic edge in this competitive market place.
An effective website performance process can be 100s of steps long and take months to accomplish.
On a basic site it can be done in as little as a day if everything is in place to have the work done.
Don’t let these things get overlooked or put off for too long. They should be done during the development process so that the same steps don’t have to be done more than once.

There is no secret formula to Rank or Succeed with Internet Marketing

In a world of automation and trying to do more for less with fewer tasks and less energy we sometimes lose site of the key ingredient(s).
Successful marketing campaigns ultimately depend on human interaction and attempting to make your marketing campaign function with little or no interaction can be a quick path to lesser quality promotions.
Think of it this way. A carpenter doesn’t try to invent a new hammer but instead works to improve the way the hammer is used.
Image result for reinvent the wheelThis applies as well to internet marketing. As a company we develop solutions that integrate a combination of tools that have met a high level of criteria and have proven themselves in the industry. Such vendors like Oneall.com, Onlywire.com, SocialADR.com, WebCEO.com, SpinReWriter.com and many more.
Each of these tools when used in combination with our internal methods give us the power to provide very unique solutions that can be applied to 1000s of scenarios for almost any type of business in the world.
By using the tools that other companies continue to develop we are able to focus on mastering processes that give our clients the best results possible without having to spend nearly as much money as if they tried to develop their own custom solutions.
For this reason we are able to accomplish more for less money as well as less time invested in the same task. This is a primary reason why we have been able to grow by referrals because of our unique approach to building solutions where others tend to fall short. Getting back to basics and not reinvent the wheel has been an underlying principle that gives us the cutting edge over the competition.
Surround yourself with experts. Use the leading tools that the industry has to offer. Most of all use that experience to customize those tools to do things that sometimes were not how they were originally intended to be used.
This is how we show you to Unleash Your Geek.
Learn to use a hammer better. Don’t invent a new one.