Be Careful with what you click!

The message arrives and to the naked eye appears normal. But as with every email always take a second look at anything unusual before going for the CLICK action.
RED FLAG Number 1.
The email says that this is a DROPBOX link but if you notice the link it goes to a totally different URL than Dropbox.
RED FLAG Number 2.
Upon clicking on the link we arrive at this page which becomes a FALSE Dropbox home page

RED FLAG Number 3.
Notice that the URL is also not a DROPBOX URL

RED FLAG Number 4.
Now we CLICK on the document and it takes us to a screen where we can conveniently LOGIN using one of our favorite social networks. Looks innocent enough right?
“Now you can sign in to dropbox with all email providers. Login below with your email details!”
If this was a real social login then you would actually CLICK on the Logo of your favorite login. This system is STEALING your email address and password and will take you nowhere.
By stealing your password they then attach to all of your emails, replies, forwarding and other functions to blow holes in everyone on your contact list. This exponential destruction moves as fast and as long as people keep receiving this email which can be infinite.
And this is how someone sent and received these emails from within the LinkedIN network. They stole the email addresses and logged into account and the cycle goes full force.