Cut Your "SEO" Budget in Half, with Half the Staff in Half the Time with Half the Effort.

Do It Yourselfer Internet Marketing
Over 50% of privately owned companies will attempt to “save money” and keep their resources “in house” by employing people in their own circles to help them manage an Internet Marketing campaign.
The average company will have 5 staff members who are each managing their own personal favorite solution and hiding that while they act like they’re using the company selected promo tools.
This company will spend the next 1-1/2 years looking for ways to get all of these “custom” solutions to do what they want them to do.
During this time little worthwhile or effective marketing will actually take place and a year will pass by before they realize that their staff and resources with their various ideas cost them over $150,000 in resources.
Once the folks in upper management, or the owner(s), realize what is happening on the front lines they have a product that didn’t get promoted.
Now they’re looking for a way to outsource this work and you’re being considered but all 5 staffers still work in this company and don’t want someone else to come take their place. You’re not getting the job but they are all prepared to listen to how you can help their company and their marketing strategy.
The better idea you have the less likely you are to get the job because they just saved theirs.
If you own a business or manage a business this is probably happening, or has happened, or something similar has occurred. It’s a pattern of behavior.
For that reason you need to hire the new entity to manage your strategy, put it into play, and to supervise and delegate within your own staff.
Pay attention to what’s going on because these people will still be protecting themselves and even the most amazing suggestions will be deflected and eventually you’ll become the scapegoat and get released from the job.
Again, as a business owner be aware of this cycle. This is how the cycle goes and it’s how people keep busy. By looking busy and accomplishing even less.
This is why businesses fail on the Internet and this is what needs to be avoided.