You Don't Believe SEO is for Real?

In Response to Someone who needed to think about what he was publishing. His Article preface is as follows.
Needless to say that when he was confronted about his error he chose to block us when he was caught in a lie.
This is how big egos in this industry usually deal with things which is why we remain on the ethical side of the work here.

“SEO In One Day
SEO is simply not as hard as people pretend like it is; you can get 95% of the effort with 5% of the work,
and you absolutely do not need to hire a professional SEO to do it, nor will it be hard to start ranking for well-picked key terms.
Of all the channels we’ll be discussing, SEO is the one that there is the most misinformation about.
Some of it is subtle, but some of it is widely spread and believed by so-called SEO consultants who actually don’t know what they’re doing.
SEO is very simple, and unless you’re a very large company it’s probably not worth hiring somebody else to do.”

Who makes comments like this? The same people who feel mechanics are unnecessary because you can follow auto repair instructions on YouTube?

  • 99% of the people reading this have no idea why I’m qualified to argue the merits of SEO. They/you have likely been represented by someone, or a company, who wasn’t able to show value.
  • 1% of the people reading this are living proof of why it is critical. These might be those who understand how to read basic traffic results or who have otherwise seen a positive outcome from their investment. Or they are the 1% who work in the SEO world who know what’s going on.

Just this week I read a quote from someone who is well known in his niche of the Internet world. Maybe by the time I wrap up this article I’ll decide whether or not to mention his name. His comments about “SEO being unnecessary” and “SEO guys always getting offended….” (when he offends them with his rude comments) were used in a preface to a long article about How To Do SEO on Your Own and how 95% of people don’t need to hire someone to do it for them.
Such a comment is not only ridiculous but it is absolutely without merit. It is offensive. It is just short of slander especially when it is written as a preface to an article claiming that someone with no technology experience (“anyone”) can do SEO on their own.
My response to this come in many parts but the purpose of this article is to help people understand what happens with SEO and to give a quick overview why such comments by non-SEO professionals should go ignored. As CEO of a reputable company I would fire someone if they were in the habit of making such stupid statements but lucky for this guy he works for himself. He enjoys the comfort of an audience who doesn’t know enough about SEO to confront him on his statement. He says what he wants without caring how it affects other people or their decisions. People who look to him for accurate advice.
Why all the attention to this person? Because you too could be one of those people. If you are not personally involved in the heart of a process and are not qualified to do the job yourself then don’t make public statements or recommendations about the validity of that profession as a whole. It just makes you look like a jackass.
It especially makes you look like a jackass to the people in the industry who know how inaccurate you are.
SEO when done properly is a science of creating a platform in order to run a stable campaign. Technical SEO targets the aspects of a website beginning at the server level and working its way through the code, the images, the format of the words, the design of the site, and 1000s more.
My background in SEO for example is derived from 20 years of highly technical work in the computer industry. My ability to do “SEO” comes from the understanding of all of the factors which affect a website. These principles although documented to some degree in a million online manuals, YouTube videos, PDFs, classes, and other sources, are also embedded in my intellectual property and a lot of that capability can’t be taught. SEO is something that is understood to some degree by those people who have the aptitude to do it effectively. This skill can be learned to some degree by taking classes, by experience in the field, and by other sources, It is truly learned by trial and error. Without seeing the bad results you can’t learn how to avoid them.  This might follow the “learn from your mistakes” mentality. A.K.A. “Experience”
So what is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization.
Who is qualified to do SEO? I look forward to there being a way to answer this question because then we could just go to work instead of making SEO seem like the work of Snake Oil salesmen.
SEO is not only the optimization of the website by changing some keywords and filling a page with meta tags. SEO is building organic relationships between related systems so that they work together in a natural manner.
I was told by someone that “no one NEEDS SEO” but “it’s nice to have”.
I don’t need PPC. I don’t Need a mechanic. I don’t NEED a guidance counselor. I don’t NEED a doctor or an attorney. We don’t NEED a lot of things. So what do we need?
We “need” to have all of the resources available so that we can have the most effective campaign possible and so that we can produce the best results for our clients.
Why exclude SEO from this process?
One thing to be careful of is avoiding bad SEO consultants. How do you avoid an SEO consultant that doesn’t have adequate experience? These are great questions and I’ll address them in another article. Choosing an SEO consultant is a risky task and not one I would want to have to do if I were a business owner who didn’t understand it.
Everyone needs to start in there career somewhere and for that reason there are plenty of beginners in the world of SEO. There are as many beginners in SEO today as there were PC Technical Support staff in 1994 when personal computers were becoming more common. No one thought personal computers or technology would become an every day part of life. Many people who call themselves experts have claimed for years that SEO is a fad and will soon go away. These comments are usually made by people who don’t understand the purpose or proper methods behind SEO.
Since everyone needs to be a beginner at some point we suggest that if you need SEO for your organization that you only pay a service that has some experience behind it and then let them hire amateurs. This way you will know that you are in the hands of an agency or consultant who at least has some experience. Also, look for a place that has some reviews or that comes with personal or industry references.
I have Google’d some random individuals for fun who were representing themselves as “SEO Consultants” and found a variety of career paths for these folks leading up to the point in time where they became SEO experts. Some came with work history of unrelated jobs even to the technical world and even less which applied to the specialty of SEO. They somehow felt that purchasing a subscription to Hootsuite made them a social media expert.
Research your SEO options. Research the person who claims to be providing you with expert or even qualified service. Make sure they have even a minimum amount of experience. Don’t be afraid to give an amateur a chance but we suggest arming that amateur with a person who has experience or to work hand in hand with an agency to help provide your company their SEO service.
Do you NEED SEO?
Yes. SEO is the foundation for everything that is promoted and without optimizing your business practices, website, online processes and anything else that affects new customers who come from online marketing you are taking the risk that all of your marketing will results in people leaving your website once they arrive. That’s an expensive investment to lose just because some jackass convinced you that “you don’t NEED SEO”.
If someone ever tells you this just ignore them and sell them some swamp land.
Good luck and thanks for enjoying our article! We hope it helps!
Out of respect for this twit who thinks SEO is not needed we’ve decided for now to let him remain anonymous. I am publicly suggested that he retract his statement and if he does change the wording in his statement then he will remain anonymous.
We don’t need anyone in this industry bad mouthing experts and making people second guess their value just because some guy thinks he needs an ego boost.

  • The ROI of SEO is quantifiable and undeniable. We can prove it with numbers. There’s nothing more rewarding than taking a high-authority site, helping them improve basic site architecture and keyword integration issues, and then watching their traffic rise. That’s why I love my job!
  • What they don’t tell you about SEO – “…many business owners still believe that SEO is easy…” – “…there’s more to it than than…” – “SEO is tough”