Why I don't Sell my SEO Services

Well, that’s an odd title!

Here’s the thing. A happy client is usually going to be the client who was referred by someone they trust. This applies to almost any industry. Pick one.
One of the blessings in this business is that when you do a good job and build a reputation for getting results you find that less time is spent promoting and more time can be spent working on the science that makes the business tick.
Over the years I’ve found that avoiding the sales process and convincing people why we are the right choice only takes away from what makes doing this work so much fun. It also allows us to enjoy clients who come to us with their confidence already in tact. Not to say that perfect strangers don’t trust the work but in these scenarios there are usually a mix of internal IT staff, internet advisers, relatives who “know computers” and other types double checking work that is already bringing results. In many cases these same well-intention people prevent a fluid work environment which stifles progress. The delays caused by second guessing out of pure lack of experience makes it more challenging for the said SEO consultant to do the work. I charge these clients twice as much because they take more time to manage. $X for managing your system and $X + 50%  if we need to get permission from an amateur Admin or web designer every time an aspect of our job needs to be done.  Even though their best intentions are to understand and learn what we do and in their own way validate the work but in the end more time is spent convincing someone to take your advice than is spent with more productive tasks.
This is why I don’t sell my SEO services. Our business has grown for more than 10 years on nothing more than referrals and a circle of folks who have seen the results we bring.
When we begin with any client there are procedures that we follow in order to create a solid foundation for a long term marketing campaign. This is not SEO as far as I’m concerned and usually SEO as defined by a lot of people is only a portion of the formula. SEO by definition is not enough to help a website to become successful. SEO is what is used to engineer a website and its environment for having a long life.
If you are a client, let your SEO/Internet Marketing strategist do their job. That’s why you pay them.
If you feel that your cousin who “knows computers”, your Admin, your web designer or your custodial engineer have the skills to do the job of the SEO person then don’t hire the SEO person. Call the SEO person after you discover that the aforementioned folks should focus on their jobs and not the Web Marketing process.
SEO, internet marketing, social media, are all full time jobs. If you do not have the resources to hire someone full time then we recommend that you do not attempt to add this responsibility on to the top of someone’s existing job description. Outsource the work to a friend. A firm. Someone who is referred to you. You’ll pay less in the long run to spend the money on monthly fees for a team that does nothing but SEO all day every day. It is their life and their profession. I don’t call my doctor to mow my lawn. I call a lawn professional or do it myself. And I don’t tell my mechanic which tools to use to fix my car. SEO is a profession. or the DIY crowd kudos for your enthusiasm. Keep enjoying it part time. There are 1000s of challenges that are best met by someone with experience and when you put your company’s profits and success at risk out of pure pride that you can Do It Yourself then you will spend twice as much in the end for half the results.
Unless you are a mechanic don’t repair your transmission. If you’re not a doctor then don’t attempt brain surgery on yourself. If you are a DIY’er for SEO then let an expert help you when your company’s life is on the line. We do this for a living because it is a specialty that takes experience.
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