Don't Pay for AdWords until your onsite SEO is completed

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SEO is not Optional if you want AdWords to beat your competition

Would you try to sell a car if it didn’t have an engine or promote a clothing store if you didn’t have any products on the shelves?

The Ultimate success of Adwords and other critical steps in your Internet marketing process depend on having a well optimized website and the basic architecture of your marketing plan in place.
Too many folks think that simple buying AdWords and creating amateur level campaigns is going to be the one all solution to kicking off their promotional process.
Beware of going down this road because there are a few things you really want, and need, to have in place so that your investment is optimal.
Google Analytics is very important to have installed on your website even if you don’t personally understand how to analyze the information. If at some point you need to ask the help of a more skilled professional they will be able to use Analytics to study the traffic patterns that help make AdWords more effective.
XML Sitemap should be installed or some sitemap should be submitted to Google via Google’s Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools). This notifies search engines of the pages which reside on your website and helps them to decide what to index (add to their search engine directory). It will also provide search engines an automatic notification of any updates to pages on the website.
In addition make sure that every page on your website that you are specifically targeting with AdWords has an optimization score of above 80% and also includes properly formatted Meta tags (image, Title, Keyword, Description, tags, category).
The most common factor that is overlooked is page content. Look at your website and ask yourself, or a friend or co worker, if this is a website you, or they would like to visit.
People who visit a website and don’t find what they want or who leave for any reason will increase your “Bounce Rate”. Your Bounce Rate is a major factor in your search engine ranking. If you are increasing your bounce rate then your campaign with AdWords or any other SEO campaign is going to be counterproductive and create a mode of recovery which isn’t a good place to be.
If you don’t think your website is something that you would visit then it might not be interesting to your target market either.
Only when all of these things are in place do you want to begin any campaign. These things will help your campaign to gain the proper traction it needs to make your investment get a better return.