Everything Your Computer Guy Thinks he knows about SEO

seo-geekIt’s the oldest story in the book.

My friend knows computers” or “my nephew is going to manage our Internet marketing“.
I have a friend who watched some financial freedom videos and now thinks he is going to be a day trader working from home. It must be that easy if everyone is doing it. How many people are succeeding?
Day trading, like many other things such as technical internet marketing, predictive analysis, involves a lot of intuition and a unique aptitude. People are all built in a different way and we all have different areas of strength. We are not all capable of doing something just because we think it looks too easy. It looks easy because we make it look easy.
I can’t play basketball. I suck! I can dribble a ball but darn if I’m going to shoot a basket.
I can’t sing! I’m tone deaf! But I sound AWESOME singing in the shower or alone in the car.
The point is that we, and others, will benefit from understanding their strengths and knowing when to pass the reigns over to someone who thrives in their work. Their specialty not their hobby. Internet Marketing, SEO and social media are not a Do It Yourself-er sport. They are professions which involve tens of thousands of hours or years of trial and error. You don’t learn it by spending a few week in forums and then watching a few Youtube videos. If that were the case I would be doing brain surgery by now. It’s a science and a strategy that is built on experience which comes from Trial and Error.
Did you know that only 1% (ONE PERCENT!!!) of Internet Marketing “Professionals” actually have the core knowledge to truly succeed in this profession? Over half are using tools to do their work but don’t really understand the mechanics of how things are getting accomplished.
The rest are the people on the front line who make the client think they are making things happen when actually there is an entity working in the background on their behalf.
The 1% is driving 99% of the successful machines on the Internet.
Have I made my point?
I don’t like the term SEO because it seems to have earned the same creepy crawly feeling that the word Amway gave us back in the day. For you young folks you might have to Google that reference.
SEO in my world is a systematic approach to accomplishing the goal that we have successfully achieved for over 15 years. Back in 2001 I started doing something that didn’t have a name.
Search Engine Optimization: Keyword is Optimization. 

Definition of optimization. :
– an act, process, or methodology of making something (as a design, system, or decision) as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible; specifically : the mathematical procedures (as finding the maximum of a function) involved in this.
Optimization | Definition of Optimization by Merriam-Webster
This is exactly the point.
The way that you succeed in internet marketing is that you have learned how all of the machine’s parts work together and how cause and effect can support and manipulate the results. This comes from case testing 1000s of scenarios to tune the process into something which can be followed for future implementations.
WHAT!?!?!? Latin? Yes. Exactly. Confusing. And this was the easy explanation.
Again we make the point that there is a massive amount of data manipulation and analysis that goes into projecting results and making the adjustments that bring us the results that we want.
Just like Financial Investments. Future results are based on past performance. Sort of.
There is a Google algorithm scare every once in a while where all of the SEO community scrambles to write a bunch of impressive (or not so impressive yet very predictive) articles trying to explain what they believe needs to be done in order to respond to Google’s new scare tactics.
Here’s a secret that I started preaching as early as 2005. CONTENT IS KING. Yes, it’s my quote. Some other genius grabbed it. Just like Growth Hacking was a daily routine before Sean Ellis – (Growth Hacking) gave our work a name. FYI: Sean Ellis did NOT invent Growth Hacking. He just renamed the chocolate chip cookie to be a culinary delight with chips made of chocolate and doubled the price. Growth hacking = Content is King = use your common sense (for most of us).
Are you absolutely confused yet?
Your “computer guy” or your “friend’s nephew” thinks that SEO and Internet Marketing are a simple task that is accomplished in 20 minutes a day to satisfy the needs of a massive management of complex tasks.
It is not a job to be done in the background while working as a desktop computer technician. It is a full time focus of energy and resources to keep up on a daily basis with the 1000s of changes in the internet world.
When you want something done right you need to find a professional who has devoted the major portion of their live and made the sacrifices to exact the science that gives YOUR business the strategic advantage over the other 99% of the world who is hiring a BOUTIQUE SEO AGENCY managed by people who have memorized a bunch of catch phrases in order to impress you. These folks who memorize fancy terms aren’t going to dig you out of the trenches when there is a struggle to jockey for position.
That Boutique agency is going to sub-contract my company and take the credit for my work while earning 75% of the fee that you are paying them. 25% will go to the actual person who doesn’t go out partying in order to make sure the work gets done.
The agency will be making  brochures and taking publicity photos for Instagram taking credit for everything that we do behind the scenes.
Until we pack our bags and stop letting our work be taken for granted and for letting others take credit for our work.
If you want your Internet marketing done right and you’re tired of spending ridiculous amounts of money for mediocre results then you know where to go.
Go to the guy who was GROWTH HACKING before Sean Ellis could give it a name.
By the way, I have a lot of respect for Sean Ellis. Smart guy. He just made people believe that he invented the chocolate chip cookie!
Yours Truly,
Chuc Mason
Original Growth Hacker
Unleash Your Geek, Inc.