Facebook SCAM hacking WordPress Websites

In a related Post we discussed the risk of clicking on links in email without checking first where they are going.
Today this page will be updated with information about how certain websites have security holes that allow these scams to upload pages to a server in order to Clone the home page of a legitimate website such as Facebook in order to make it appear to someone that they have in fact arrived at a legitimate website.
In this situation a domain name, http://financeweb.ru/, had one of their directories hacked by way of a security hole in a plugin. By doing this someone was able to send out an email to people making them think they were confirming a Facebook friend request when in fact they were going to the link you see highlighted in the image below. We are not posting the link as a hyperlink here for obviouos reasons that we don’t want people/our clients to accidentally land on this website.
Facebook Fraud Facebook Fraud - CONFIRM REQUEST and SEE ALL REQUESTS