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The newbies who learned S.E.O on the web may be traumatized to see that 90% of the guidelines get thrown out the window when marketing gaming websites.
Because the online gaming companies run thousands of members off of a master affiliate style system with a scripted page and generic meta keyword fields that don’t get very well indexed by search engines.
Approaching games websites like a typical business will lead ultimately to cost overruns and a failed effort with over utilization of resources.
Once you get past the experimenting and the trial and error the key to accomplishing quality organic marketing is to rely more upon social bookmarking and other sharing options. Being able to display citations, snippets and other references to your gaming site is going to be what builds the needed reputation and legitimacy for getting the attention of savvy online gaming customers.
Fighting Industry Keywords
Online Games has 600,000,000 searches each month.
600 Million competitors!
This one also is a great example of where proper guidance can help you get more for your marketing investment.
You can get as many as 90 people to see you in the search engines for the search term: “bitcoin casino”.
Only 90 people a month investigate this on Google. If you pay $25 for AdWords to get this keyword phrase then you are Gambling that 1/90 of those impressions will check out your site. That’s a lot of effort to get 1 visitor.
Instead, invest $x.xx on AdWords like “best bitcoin casino” which gets 590 searches per month. This team might cost a few dollars more but gives a larger pool of people seeing your site in the rankings.
Once you have chosen a less seen keyword like “bitcoin casino” let’s assume that you decide to use that same search term in another campaign in another marketing process like a Press Release or social media. A large investment will be made and will get less attention, and results, then if you also use “best bitcoin casino” in those other marketing efforts of your company.
Overall, 590 vs. 90 searches carries over into so many other areas that this seemingly small and insignificant decision actually just affected potentially 1000s or millions of dollars in man hours and profits.
This also affects the decisions made around choosing long tail keywords which becomes another exponential extension of choice and profitable keywords. Long tail keywords used in marketing may be significantly different for “bitcoin casino” than “best bitcoin casino”.
These are 2 examples of where modifications can be made to get better quality results. But this small keyword selection is just a cross section of 1000s of other things which can be made.
What’s your plan to appear even close to where you can be found in the search engines with terms like this?Sports Book Organic SEO
No, we will not Guarantee Top 10 ranking. This would be a close to impossible task unless you are well bankrolled.
Marketing gaming sites and other online gambling types of entities requires a more complex approach that is usually overlooked. Many times the parent companies, gaming software publishers, have restrictions on their own sites which create marketing obstacles for their clients. Their vendors.
Since these clients are usually unaware of the server side obstacles they invest a lot of money into marketing (SEO) campaigns which bring absolutely shameful results. In many cases traffic might get sent back to your software publisher and you essentially are paying to market their sites!
In the end, it takes a team, or someone, who is knowledgeable of all these factors which affect the outcome of these campaigns.