Google Doc Spoof – Phishing Alert – Possible Identity Theft Risk

We did not log in to see the consequences but due to the link in the browser when clicking on the link we were able to determine that this email is a Spoof.
If you get an email that has a link like this (the sender’s name I have blocked out) then hold your mouse over the link to make sure it is actually what it says it is.
Phishing Warning1
Until you login using your Google account you are not at risk. This program is attempting to grab your Google/Gmail login and quite possibly more. This message was sent at 10:39 CST today and any emails you receive from anyone suggesting that you click on Google Docs should be considered risky and we recommend verifying with the sender first that it is legitimate before continuing.
This is the browser window after I got past the Google Phishing Alert which did not want to let me continue.
Phishing Warning2