Growth Hacking – Google Doesn't Matter

Can you imagine if someone had the courage to stand up against the biggest Internet giant and make such a public statement?
Well, this isn’t really so true. Google is in fact important. Ranking “in the top 10” is not as important as people would believe. I have so many people who call me and tell me that they just “want to be in the top 10”. Really? Would you like qualified customers from diverse backgrounds and interests or would you like to confine your audience to only people who search on Google?
dont spend all your money on google
Allow me to put this into perspective.
We only put billboards for laundry detergent and household cleaning supplies on the highway but we don’t put them where they are visible from the neighborhoods where people walk to and from work every day. Not everyone goes to work by driving down the highway. In the same respect it’s important to put yourself in front of a diverse audience where you are not limiting your business to be found by only people who search on Google.
Then why does everyone want to tank on Google? Because Google is a gauge o success. When someone is popular they eventually arrive in top rankings on Google. This does not mean that the same business is being found on other marketing channels which means that even though tons of money is being spent on Google marketing then other websites are not promoting your business to a larger audience.

Cut your Google budget in HALF or even less and get 10 times the results.



So much attention has been put on Google as the only marketing medium that many have forgotten to advise their clients on how to reach beyond Google to grab audiences that have literally been forgotten.

We haven’t forgotten and this is why we continue to successfully reduce clients’ budgets while improving and expanding their audience.

Stay Tuned for more. This is OUR secret sauce. Sometimes what you need is so close that you can touch it but can’t see the forest through the trees.

This is SEO,

This is Growth Hacking.

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