Help Us to Save and Help the Howler Monkeys and other Wildlife in Costa Rica

Unleash Your Geek is donating a minimum of
5% of net revenue to Costa Rica’s most amazing refuge.

People from all over the world come to see the wildlife here and Brenda Sue’s Refuge for Wildlife is infamous throughout Costa Rica for saving and caring for animals of all types.
Howler Monkeys are my passion here and live surrounded by them playing in the trees. Unfortunately with the growth of Costa Rica there are new dangers that involve unprotected power lines which aren’t inexpensive to insulate. Ranging from $350-$1000 each the communities and the power companies have teamed up to try to protect these lines and help prevent these animals, and monkeys, from being electrocuted. On average there are at least a few or more who die or are injured crossing the lines looking for food. With new construction there are a lot of trees being (recklessly) cut down to make space for houses and other structures.
Moving forward there are more power lines being protected but there is a backlog of 1000s of these power lines which need to be insulated. In addition to this the Refuge helps these injured animals to recuperate but this takes money.
Costa Rica is a prime tourist spot and without these amazing animals in nature there will be less of a place for tourists to enjoy. We need to help save animals as they are what makes Costa Rica so amazing. It is only through charities that these animals, and places like the Refuge, have a chance to keep these animals safe and to give them a place to go when something (bad) happens to them.
We are devoted to helping our critters here as they are really part of our family in so many ways.
If you want to donate that’s great! It’s tax deductible! If you want to purchase our services we donate 5%-10% ($25 minimum) of our revenue directly the Refuge. This is not like donating to something in some places where the money doesn’t all go to the cause. This money goes directly to save each animal, to buy insulators and more.
You can even adopt a monkey and help to nurture it back to health with your contribution!!!
So give it a shot. Come join us in our mission and not only get some of the most amazing results in your search engine/Internet Marketing but know that some of what you spend is going somewhere that saves our resources.
DISCLAIMER: If you are a Costa Rican business owner, or a licenses Costa Rica business,  we will pay a Tico (Tica) (of your choice) to do any work for you as we will not accept payments which ultimately compete with our Costa Rican work force.  Only a product licensing fee will be necessary.
This donation from Unleash Your Geek is not officially sponsored by Brenda Bombard’s Nosara Refuge for WIldlife. 

Brenda Bombard's Refuge

About the Refuge

Brenda Bombard’s Nosara Refuge for Wildlife / Costa Rica Howler Monkey Rescue is exactly what the name implies. We rescue, rehabilitate and release Howler Monkeys and other animals that are found injured in the wild.

Founded in January of 1999 the refuge has been a place for the injured, displaced and orphaned wildlife from Nosara and the Nicoya Peninsula regions of Costa Rica for 15 years.
Initially these animals arrived at the Refuge for Wildlife from our local neighborhood, soon from the entire Nosara area and now from all over Costa Rica. Many of the new arrivals are very young orphaned Howler Monkeys. They arrive in backpacks, wrapped in T-shirts, towels, cardboard boxes and grocery bags.

The Refuge receives and treats all types of wild animals but the Howler Monkeys have become our specialty. At the Refuge Clinic, our team of professionals and volunteers provide immediate and long-term medical attention. Injured adult animals that require continuing care, will be quarantined for a period then transferred to outdoor enclosures, where they will continue to receive supervision and medical evaluation. As soon as the adult animals are deemed healthy they are returned to the jungle and whenever possible, to the same location they they arrived from.

The orphaned infant Howler Monkeys are raised at the Refuge until old enough to transition to the outdoor enclosures, usually this is at about 6 to 8 months of age. There they will join with other young monkeys. Our goal is to help them form a new family group in preparation for their journey to a new life in the jungle
At the age of 16 to 24 months this new family of young monkeys will normally be transferred to SIBU Sanctuary to begin their reintroduction to the jungle and life as a wild monkey. This portion of the program will usually take another 18 to 24 months.
While the Howler Monkeys comprise the majority of the animals that pass through the Refuge they are certainly not the only visitors. We receive a wide range of wildlife that over the years have included the other three native species of Costa Rican Primates, young Squirrels, Porcupines, Opossums, Pizotes, Raccoons, Martillas, Boa Constrictors, Baby Toucans, Hawks and this past year a baby Vulture. We also have a long term resident of the Refuge. Mariano the Scarlet Macaw, who unfortunately has had a broken wing since his rescue many years ago.

Huber and Jordani-1Brenda Bombard is a hero to Howler Monkeys and many other types of animals that have either been injured or orphaned in Costa Rica and your support can hep her continue to provide the love and attention these animals need. The Rescue operates in Playa Guiones, Nosara but accepts any type of animal in need of care from any part of Costa Rica.


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