How do you identify a Growth Hacker?

In my old age I’m learning all of the buzz words that define work I started doing almost 20 years ago. It’s kind of exciting to see the variety of systems that I developed become practices in the everyday world and to also gain a title years after their inception! Talk about validation!
If someone, maybe like yourself, or your company, is looking for a growth hacker then be prepared to the wild west of Internet marketing.
What is growth hacking?

  • 100 different things we do every day. Where do we start?
  • I posted 2 Advertisements which were each worded differently and with a different graphic. Each ad was tracked by a different code as well as email addresses and landing pages. They were each individually driven by their own unique social networks which drove traffic through a spider web of channels. In the end we were able to track all of the sources of traffic, browsing patterns “Google Analytics Behavior Flow”, and other analytics games.  By tracking everything we were able to see which image in the same surroundings attracted the most users, click throughs and ROI. This is just a small example of growth hacking in its simplest form. Obviously this process becomes 1000 times more complex when dealing with a large enterprise situation.

When looking for a growth hacker the simplest things for an amateur researcher on this topic is to simple ask for a candidate to explain some unique situation where a unique approach was needed to make something get attention and use your gut about how valid it sounds. Scary…….
(everyone is an amateur so don’t be embarrassed, this is a new dictionary term and no one knows what they’re doing)  
And therein lies the challenge. No one knows what qualifies a growth hacker.
So let’s put it into more simple terms. How about an experience internet marketer who is innovative and who has a good track record of making things work? Yes. That’s a good start.
How about a firm, or individual, with a solid technical force to supplement pure web based decisions. Performance considerations, Technical SEO.
So if you made it this far reading I have a surprise!
You have just become a beta tester of OUR Growth Hacker system and we are monitoring over 100 analytics from this and other related articles to test the philosophy behind our methods.
How to Identify a Growth Hacker? Well, in this case we are going to use our own system to promote ourselves and that will be the test to see if we know what we are doing. Since none of us can tell the future all we can do is predict results based on our experience of using the systems involved in this test.
If it works then that means we are doing something right.
And that is another angle to help define Growth Hacking.
If you follow this article to get notifications on the results of the test then a portion of our test will test the demographics of our post. These demographics based on your geographic locations and your other browsing habits based on search engine indexation of your social media will tell us more about what effect we had on your Exit from our site or many other things.
Welcome to our test! Share or Follow to stay tuned and see what happens!!

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