Your Internet Marketing is Like a Road Trip

Internet marketing SEO Road TripWhen you embark on a road trip you might have a certain amount of time in mind to make the trip which means you have a certain schedule for your opportunities.
If you drive for 30 days and cover X amount of miles per day you are more likely to see a wider variety of sites then if you only drive for 1 day and barely leave the city where you began.
A comprehensive Internet marketing campaign is like this as well.
There are many companies who want to fast track their internet marketing which is a viable possibility but this also limits the amount of time to acquire seasonal analytics, study marketing trends, test different results, utilize some key growth hacking techniques, and 100s of other pieces of a critical and effective marketing pattern.
In order to really achieve long term results there is a real benefit to pursuing at least a 3-6 month campaign that will help create a smoother pattern of marketing and fine tune a lot of the factors which can obstruct optimal results. If you try to achieve fast results then you might not obtain the highest quality traffic and when the campaign ceases your traffic will drop off.
Organic SEO with a modest PPC campaign in addition to adequate Technical SEO and a nice mix of Content Marketing will show very strong long term results. This process should never take less than 6 months as it requires time to build and to “see the sights” along the way. When more distance is traveled then more territory is covered and theoretically you meet more people along the way.
This is the theory of effective Internet Marketing Strategy at its most basic level.
From here we move on to the more finite details of an effective marketing strategy which include the above mentioned category of work as well as a dynamic list of other tools and processes which will also contribute to your long term success.
A great man once said, “What is worth having is worth waiting for” and “Good things take time”….or something like that right?
Be patient. Be prudent. Listen to your SEO experts as you would listen to your mechanic or doctor.
Do It Yourselfers are just that. Do It Yourselfers. This is not an industry for DIY when you are dealing with real corporate campaigns and it’s not a time to be cheap. Results cost money and they require the direction of an expert to keep things on track.