Internet Marketing with SEO and Social Media

Social Media – This is the most important and complicated marketing methods in the world today.
In a world where marketing is coming from every audio and video device it is almost impossible to escape the myriad of marketing channels.
Just as it is difficult to escape the media it is equally challenging to get your product or service recognized.
If you’re the average person with a limited amount of experience in Internet marketing then it can be difficult to know which method is going to be the most cost effective for your business. This is not unusual and is a very valid concern. For this you need to be especially careful.
There are many tools on the Internet available to anyone who wants to try them out on their own. As with most tools their effectiveness is relative to the amount of skill someone has to use those tools.
Here’s a quick example. If someone gives you an Indy 500 race car will you be able to compete, or win? Maybe not. Even though that car has all of the options it takes years of experience to learn how to make it do what you want it to do. I think this point is clear.
The same goes for Internet marketing.
Creating an account on Hootsuite or another social media system is not going to give you top results in search engines. It may even give you very limited results that only reach as far as your own personal circle of friends and contacts.
social media hubImagine standing in a room of 100 people and for a year you keep trying to sell those same people the same product. You will need to convince those people to “share” what you have told them with more friends in order to get your product or service promoted. This sounds like it could take a while. This is the equivalent of Facebook marketing. When you promote your business on Facebook you are promoting mostly to the same audience that has become somewhat immune to the myriad of promotions that can become overwhelming.
These examples can go on for a while. The key here is that Social Media goes beyond just sending out some Tweets and posting to Facebook.
Social Media is part of a bigger system and is utilized in part with other more powerful processes to make it more effective and to maximize results.
An effective marketing campaign can utilize a systematic combination of 100s of sites working together to categorically promote your business to places where you will be seen. Directories (B2B, public directories, local search), RSS Feeds (there are 1000s), social sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter), video channels, image hosting sites (Flickr, Pinterest, Google Images), and more. Making sure that your information is not only posted to a site but making all of these systems work together in a way which will ultimately affect where your company will organically appear in front of the right audience. The audience who wants to see your service.
This is where our little invention comes in.
We started promoting on the Internet before SEO had been defined as a term and before we knew that we were doing SEO. We have grown with the industry as well as innovated new technologies to make our clients successful year after year. For this our client retention rate is over 90% and most of them have been with us for more than 3-4 years if not more. Our products are semi automated to help make things work efficiently but the system that was created here also tailors itself to YOUR business by using a very unique “dashboard” which collects pertinent data about your business. This data helps our system to promote your business almost without any experience on your part. Where the experience is needed we manage that behind the scenes to make sure your business is getting the exposure it needs.
What are the results?
Most of our clients see 200%-300% increase in traffic in the first few months. Quality traffic. Not a bunch of SPAM traffic. Visitors who arrive not only from search engines but from 100s of other locations where they discovered your website based upon their interest.
This system has been given a pet name here at Unleash Your Geek. It’s called our SocialAPI. Or you could call it a Media Distribution Utility.
For more information on this go to our pricing pages to see what is included with this service and then go check out our FREE TRIAL to get set up for 7-30 days depending on what level of promotion and service your business requires.

All Packages include the One of a Kind

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