Introducing BiTcOiN SEO! Now Accepting Payments With BitCoin!

Bitcoin payments for SEO now being accepted

With the security concerns on the Internet with credit cards and the need for 100% White Label Reseller solutions we are providing a variety of Bitcoin solutions to process subscription and service payments.
This is a very exciting new frontier for us as we help your investment in Bitcoin to bring you actual discounts in your service!
Your discounts will grow as Bitcoin grows but will never be less than you paid.
If you buy services for 1 Bitcoin and the value of a Bitcoin is $1000 (for example) you will receive a discount on service if Bitcoin increases in value.
If that Bitcoin goes up to $1100 in value within 30 days of payment then you will get a $50 discount the next month.
Make BitCoin work for you! Get SEO for Bitcoin.
Stay Tuned for more information on how to pay with Bitcoin and Make a return on your investment!