Law Firm SEO that makes Justia and other Attorney Marketing Sites Obselete

If someone handed you a flyer that had a list of 1000 attorneys how would you go about finding exactly what you need?
You would probably call a friend, colleague, or search on Google.
Specialized websites like Justia for finding attorneys benefit one company and that is Justia. Unless you pump a lot of money into a system like theirs you will absolutely not get the exposure to justify the spend.
unleash your geek legal seoThere are actually a number of factors to consider with services like theirs.
They own your content. They control everything. You have no access to the file system, the server, customization, etc.
SEO is locked down to a degree that you don’t have options for improving upon their outdated platform so ultimately the only benefit for your investment is that you might get a few leads every month.
Hopefully those leads pay $2500 or more.
How do we stand up above a service like Justia and why are we able to do what Justia can’t do?
We know law firms but we also know where companies like Justia don’t reach and we make sure we reach further.
I have a print screen somewhere and I love using this example!
An Orange County, California Defense Attorney had been paying Justia for years. We finally convinced this attorney that due to a long list of situations that they had experienced with Justia they consider moving to our unique SEO system. Our process. Our hands on, tailored solution.
After more than 3 years (YES, THREE YEARS!) with Justia this attorney was receiving 3 visitors a month from California and over 800 from around the world. About 500 from the USA.
3 visitors per month from the whole State of California. This is what Justia was getting them.
We took the reigns on this and within 60 days that number went from about 800 nationwide down to about 500 and increased California traffic to almost 100 per month.
Justia: 3/800 visitors from California
Unleash Your Geek SEO: 100/500 visitors from California
The attorney began calling us asking how to deal with all of the phone calls. Seriously!! Complaining that the phone rang too much.
If you want the same problem then give us a call.
We’ll show you how to release the reigns from Justia or other directory and specialty based services and get seen with a unique and tailored campaign.
unleash your geek legal seo