Mobile Optimization

Mobile marketing has become a must these days as more and more people are using their cell phones for more than simply making phone calls. Your website needs to be able to interact with Mobile Users. This could account for 50% or more of your business!
Better interaction with Android, iPhone and other web enabled phones.

Mobile browsers are growing rapidly and a lot of webmasters start to wonder how optimize their website for these new users. First there are some general rules of thumb which you do have to take into account for mobile users, then there are some decisions to be made about how to allow access to mobile users. This and a long list of other consideration in order to make your website mobile-ready is why we are here to help our clients investigate and implement effective practices.

Make sure that your website can be navigated easily and quickly with a web-enabled phone like an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other mobile browser.

If your site is loaded with graphics it’s likely that a visitor might not wait for those graphics to load.
Make sure your website is indexed in mobile web directories so they can easily be detected by search engines.

Increase traffic by increasing your market with a
Mobile Optimized website
Most of our clients have seen their  
mobile traffic increase of 2x, 4x and even more
by implementing our Mobile Designs and our custom SEO solutions

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