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Hi everyone!
I appreciate all of the people who are always contacting me and referring me to their friends and clients. Until now it’s always been challenging to give the attention that I would have liked to give and the response times that I enjoy providing.
In order to make it easier for everyone to get help I’m giving this to the community in order to let all of you help me to help you. I believe a simple pricing list and common requests is a good place to start.
For anyone who uses Paypal I also have special discounts when you pay online in advance!
****If you have a TICO/TICA employee, friend, son, daughter, family member, who is interested in learning how to do this type of work I welcome them to assist me as an observer as part of my goal to teach my local community about the profession that I love. 

Hotel and Resort Services

As a hotel owner you might have clients with simple-complicated issues with laptops or other types of technology. I’m happy to work with your location to provide an on-call or quick response service to your guests. Terms can be discussed in person but I think this could be very helpful for folks who don’t have a lot of places to turn in an emergency.
Please reference ONSITE ERT for an example of price ranges.

Basic Problem Assessment

5,000 colones for evaluation and basic assessment of issues – (Drop off price only or onsite for additional 5,000 colones)

System Scan and Updates

  • 15,000 colones drop off
  • 25,000 colones w/ Pick Up
  • 24 hour turnaround. Anti virus update, malware scan, windows updates, security updates, hard drive optimization, system tune up, driver updates

Apple Products parts replacement

  • 10,000 colones basic diagnostic of system issues
  • 5-14 day parts ordering (depending on origin of replacement parts and availability)
  • Some onsite options available depending on the situation usually with 24 hour turnaround.
  • Battery upgrades, purchases on older models


  • Emergency/Onsite/immediate response (under 60 minutes): $50 + $35/hour
  • Same Day guarantee before 5PM Onsite Response: $20 + $25/hour
  • 24-48 hour response straight time: $20/hour
  • All drop offs are usually charged on a per task basis and will be quoted in advance

ORDERING PARTS and Computer Accessories

Computer parts, accessories, add-ons: Local orders can be obtained usually in less than 48 hours for regular business days with advance payment.
A common place to look for random items are on these 2 websites. There are also many local, regional, and countrywide websites throughout Costa Rica. My assistance to purchase things from these sellers is to verify authenticity, reputation, and delivery to the buyer (you). If you find an item on a website with a Costa Rica based seller we can help you to get items to your doorstep or pickup at my home/office.

Tourism Applications Assistance 

General assistance can vary depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. From photo and gallery organization to managing accommodations it can be a real headache for a business owner to have to deal with some of the challenges that come up in these booking website. If you have someone on staff who would like assistance it can be a good resource also to have a lending hand when something comes up.
Enhanced internet marketing to boost any booking site you are using is also available. Relying upon a booking site for business sometimes limits the exposure since a booking site is promoting every accommodation in the area as well as yours.

  • and of course others as well

CELL PHONE setup for Movistar, Claro and ICE

If you have a cell phone that needs a local cell service for data or calls I can set this up quite easily usually. Sometimes, like anything here, there can be hiccups and extra time/expense is required. Usually not much but I can’t put too much guarantee on how much time it will take to handle these.
ICE: Sometimes a visit to their office is required or time on a telephone to deal with their support staff. In these situations an hourly charge applies.
*Fully unlocked cell phone with a space for a cell SIM is required. Apple products with complicated Apple type requirements will sometimes require extra time and effort and can be an additional $50-$150 to get someone set up as well as an additional 24-48 hours for a specialist.
****All Pricing when paid in dollars is rounded up to the nearest $5 increment (12,000 colones would be exactly $25 for example and 15,000 colones is $30. If a colones to dollars conversion is similar to $27 then it would be rounded up to $30. The idea is to avoid getting a collection of $1 bills.

Click Here to See Mercado Libre’s WiFi Repeater Page
Extend the wifi range on almost any property by adding these simple plug into the wall or electrical outlet type devices.
Well we all have some need for this one right?!
Here’s the deal: After making a trip in person I’ve discovered one thing: These just need to be bought from San Jose and there is usually a 48 hour wait to get them here. They cost between $30-$60 for a quality Linksys or other reputable brand name. Good price considering everything!
There are 2 types of repeaters. One requires that the repeater be connected to a router with a network cable. Not a great solution so I will make sure that these are not being sold or installed unless specifically requested. A couple of people got these and I’m working on getting them replaced.
Cost of product plus $50-$100 install depending on level of complication with existing WiFi environment

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