The #1 Most Common Cause of Websites That Fail: "Measure Twice: Cut Once"

Sometimes our clients’ biggest obstacles are inside their own management team or process(es).
If your team members are creating road blocks by creating delays it’s time to hold those people accountable. Those delays create bottlenecks and affect the schedules and accomplishments of other people on the team. Eventually this becomes resentment and frustration which leads to massive loss of productivity.

If you hire someone to analyze and improve your SEO it may be because what you have tried isn’t working.
If you continue doing the same thing and insist that your new “SEO” people follow your own pattern of behavior you’re going to get the same results as before. Sometimes fixing a traffic problem begins by looking inside your own company and not at the website itself.
You can keep on painting your house but if your foundation isn’t stable it will eventually fall down no matter how attractive it is from the new paint.
When these improvements are resolved then your company, and your website, have a fighting chance to survive.

Old rules still apply.
This is #1 in the long list of Big corporate obstacles to productivity.
Rushing for lack of time will cost you more time then if you took the time to be careful the first time.

“Measure Twice: Cut Once”
Most of our clients, who we love and cherish, are inefficient and cost themselves money and time. With this simple rule a typical company can save itself money as well as increase revenue and improve Quality Control.
Like those people who make jogging like movements to appear like they’re hurrying when actually they’re not moving any faster than the people who are walking. They work in a frenzy to appear more busy then they are while accomplishing less than the multi-taskers who work more efficiently.
Perception of working harder or doing more simultaneously accomplishes nothing if the actual work isn’t getting adequate attention to detail.
This is why we hire people to be our eyes.
This is why management works on their specialty and we work on ours.
SEO and Internet Marketing should not be managed by people who are in a hurry, lack attention to detail or who otherwise affect timelines of productivity and ultimately the massive failure of their expensive marketing campaigns.