Proactive vs. Reactive SEO and Web Development

Unleash-Your-Geek-Pro-Active-SEOI would like to share just a quick thought for the proactive conscious people out there.
Web Development, SEO, Internet Marketing, technology in general, all have situations where experience can help to avoid cost overruns and missing scheduled deadlines for delivery.
So here is a quick lesson today. Consider all options.
Today we ran into a situation where we have been trying to figure out how to add a product calculation into a  Shopping Cart so that depending on how much of a product (in this case it is Astro Turf by the Sq Ft.) is being delivered the shipping cost will vary and it is a sliding scale depending on qty so the more you buy the more you save.
The issue here is that a simple multiplier will not work because the variable changes with qty so stages need to be created.
Make a choice between Delivered Price vs. Installed Price and then calculate Tax Rate + Shipping Cost
Here is the lesson we learned and almost made a long term costly mistake!
If we create this spreadsheet, manually do all the calculations and then simply import it into the system with all of these options in a shipping and final cost calculation what happens when any of these prices change? Tax rate? Cost per square foot?
Everything will have to be imported again!
Spend a few extra bucks to add the calculation method(s) to the process in the shopping cart options so that in the future the client can simple change the tax rate or other numbers and in a few minutes be back in business.
Moral of the story?
The fastest, easiest and/or cheapest solution is not always the best solution for the long term.
Take Time to consider options.