Reasons to be careful about reliable information on the Internet – Information You Need to Know

If an SEO company pays someone to create backlinks for them on behalf of their clients then those companies are going to fill up public forums with garbage information. 


We are looking for feedback and information to help us learn about a service provider. When we go to Google and search for reviews for that company we find numerous results. Upon entering one discussion group we get a lot of useful feedback from other visitors and technical experts which is a positive thing. What we see in this moderated forum is a post with feedback on the service provider that we're researching. Here is the feedback that was given:

Originally Posted by Love2Blog View Post

Customer service and communication is excellent

Of all profile sites I checked, Prices ranged from $39.95-$175.

Great service, thanks__________________

Can anyone see some red flags here?
A person with the name Love2Blog sounds like someone who does just that all day long. Blogging. Professionally. 
No real feedback was given and it is so laconic that it is most likely an auto-generated opinion which should have been flagged by the moderator of the forum.
In the proper context or to the trained eye we see the questionable nature of this blog post and it leads us to question the feedback being given by others in the group if they by chance are in favor of the provider that we're researching.
The net result of this is that it's important to keep your eyes open for any little red flags in regards to finding reliable information on the Internet especially when it comes to services provided by overseas companies. This is not with disrespect to overseas services but there are differences in the way that services get delivered and it needs to be a precaution.