Revolutionizing How Affiliate Programs Are Managed

A Never Seen Affiliate Management Process

Affiliate Management Services
Affiliate Management Services

The great challenge of managing affiliate programs is that the more affiliate there are in a system the more time that is needed to manage their daily updates of products. Every day, every other day, irregularly, or every month, each affiliate in a network updates what is a called a data feed. This is a complete list of all of the products in their catalog. As an affiliate with a website you need to manage these updates so that the ads on your website are up to date with relevant products.. Simply putting their script on your site is not enough to accomplish this goal.
If you manage a website which needs to have rotating banners for a short or long list of website it’s best that you display those ads in a contextually correct environment. You don’t want shoe advertisements to be showing on a website that promotes walking barefoot. You’re better off with ads for suntan lotion! But if your system doesn’t know what ads are relevant for a page you might not be getting the full benefit of ads in your rotation and some advertisers might now get as much exposure as possible.
When you do manage a complex system like this if it is done right it needs a lot of power from a server to manage the complex updates of the large collection of databases provided by your advertisers. Affiliates.
Your system needs to automatically recognize what the subject matter is on your website and display ads and other embedded objects accordingly.
You need an Affiliate manager.
We wrote a program that gathers an unlimited amount of datafeeds provided by over 10,000 affiliates from, Linkshare (,, Avantlink,, CLICK2SELL, WagerWeb and 100s of other sites which might be better suited to your company’s marketing needs.

No matter what affiliate network you choose to represent we can make sure that their datafeeds are gathered (parsed) into our master database and displayed properly on your chosen websites.
It’s that easy.
We will save you over 500 hours a month in man hours by managing a program that is unique to your organization and most off all it is unique in the world of affiliate marketing. Not even the top affiliate manager system have a program like this and after many years under wraps being developed, tested and put into action we’re ready to let you take it for a drive.
It’s not cheap to test drive an Indy 500 car and buying into this system isn’t cheap either. This is an enterprise system that requires some serious horsepower to drive. Search engines require that your website loads fast if it is going to be ranked in the top positions and if your website is being slowed down by a database heavy affiliate program than you’re losing rankings as well as money every time someone visits your website.
If you want to find out more about this program send us a request on this contact form and we’ll get in touch ASAP. Our call us direct at 303-REAL-SEO.
Have a great day!