The Secret to helping your business grow is to be less generous

Who would have thought this was the answer!

It seems to take the fun out of having a business that does so much to help people and their businesses.
In 10 years I’ve accomplished what none of my competitors or predecessors had been able to accomplish. This is accurate because I was hired in these cases because I was able to do what those before failed to accomplish.

I also built a reputation of being a man of my word. My word is like Gold and while I stand by and watch con artists and scammers take the legitimacy out of an industry that can carry such a great reputation I am forced instead to constantly battle the doubts, cynicism and skepticism of people who have been taken advantage of by Internet companies and self proclaimed consultants who have no experience.
Most of them can’t be found on Google. This isn’t a good sign by the way. Unleash Your Geek is all over and easy to find because our experience has scorched a solid path of success throughout the edges of the Internet.
By the time these companies find me they complain that they gave all their money to the guy before me so now they want a discount.
We should give a discount for doing a job properly because you gave money to someone who FAILED?
Please explain this logic to me.
Putting yourself out there to help another business succeed looks good on paper but in the end seems like a bad investment of time and energy. Moving forward we’ll have to do less no matter how it seems like it might benefit.
It’s too bad to have to have this approach to business relationships but the players in this world seem to have a different set of values and are happy to take something for nothing.
Save your favors, freebies and extra attention to clients who have already paid. The rest will need to find free labor from others.
If you hired someone who failed while taking all of your money we are sorry to hear that. If you want it done right then you’ll need to pay what the time and the task are worth.
Leave your doubts and skepticism at the door.
Our quality services start at the low introductory price of 50% more than the guy who failed to do the job you paid to have done.