SEO and other Annoying Internet Service Provider Poachers acting like Street Hustlers

Ethics in business.
Ethics in Internet Marketing.
Ethics in SEO.
Ethics IN LIFE.
Ethics to me is not something you need to be taught. It’s who you are. It’s who I am.
Quality and productive business relationships are built on ethics.
Argue it if you will but when two parties communicate they can accomplish a lot. Phone calls have fallen by the wayside and business relationships have for some reason become less committed. People and companies have become accustomed to the fly by night services which have forced them into a pattern of testing out new fads at a whim. On an impulsive moment all logic of maintaining positive alliances which for lack of a better term “have your back”. Not just a firm, a consultant or 3rd party provider but a committed individual or team who quite literally have your back when it comes to business. For your Internet relationships. For your business like it was their own.
Doing business like it used to be done when major decisions had the courtesy of a meeting or a discussion.
Here is where we introduce Internet Poachers.