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SEO Pricing Packages and SolutionsWhile other agencies are talking about marketing we are developing the actual solutions that drive customers.
Rocking the SEO is the product, the service and the strategy driven by the experience that built it.
Rocking the SEO is just that.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not what it was last year or the year before. Search Engine Optimization is a technique. It is about optimizing your complete Internet marketing strategy. Optimizing not only a website, keywords, infrastructure, architecture, and all of the social media. Search Engine Optimization is a science of bringing everything together in a scientific process that makes everything work in unison.
Making everything in unison and bringing all of this technology usually takes a team of 5 people with unique skills in order to manage all of the functions of a website, a server, social media, design, and the complete marketing system.
The Rocking the SEO “Social API” takes everything and makes it manageable by a small team, and in some cases just one person.
This helps reduce the overhead of managing a full scale marketing campaign while giving your company the power to market like you were spending $5,000 a month! And believe it or not some companies do spend that much when they really could or should be spending $1500/month!
We aren’t about to give this away for bargain hunters but it is for the SERIOUS marketing campaign that needs to have a powerful and streamlined back end.
If you are serious about putting an end to inflated budgets and agencies who have no technology experience then you need to get your hands on Unleash Your Geek’s Rocking the SEO Social API!
This works on all platforms. It can almost be managed by a chimpanzee although we don’t recommend it.
All websites in the last 3 months that have followed the guidelines of usage for this system have doubled and tripled in traffic.
SEO Pricing Packages and Solutions
Don’t miss out on this. I guarantee you that there is nothing like this in the world. I have searched high and low. It is not available. If you want to spend $5000 a month to an agency you might get results that are almost as good as what we have to offer. Don’t give away your money. Buy smart.
Learn how to ROCK THE SEO!!

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