Supercharged Tech SEO Miracles w/out PPC or Adwords

100%-500% Across the Board Increases in just 7 Days!

You don’t need to understand website traffic, computers or even math to know that when something increases it is a good thing!

Check out the screenshots of our Analytics and you can see some of the highlights in key areas of our results. All green…..amazing. How did we do it and without any paid advertising or other methods of social promotions?


We took one of our clients sites and made adjustments in a few key areas and many won’t believe the changes that were experience in this 7 day test.
This is with a 3 day period on a site that has about 100-300 visits a day over the weekends. Imagine if your site has 100,000 – 1,000,000 pages with 500,000 visits per day! This system is applicable across industries and affects every page on the website.
A popular weekend sports promotion shows almost all areas of Google Analytics improved with traffic from one weekend (Friday – Sunday) compared to traffic of the previous weekend (Friday – Sunday).
This occurred with just 3 days of work to implement some key areas of the website and from improving the mailing lists and a small server adjustment.
Onsite SEO is not always the solution and this is why systems like ours are able to consistently out perform the competition.
On this next image here you can the All Pages results from and they represent the individual traffic patterns of each pages that visitors visited.
In this test pattern we achieved a 60.92% increase from one weekend to the next. If the Bounce Rate had gone up then this number would be less significant because when traffic increases like this it doesn’t always mean that people aren’t immediately leaving the website. The Bounce Rate in this case had a 13.56% improvement so that means that more people remained on the website to view more content. Content is King people. The time on the pages also increased 37.46% which is what helps to get the attention of search engines. This indicates to them that viewers see quality and useful content which can translate into improved search engines. All of these numbers are important to one another so when someone says they increase traffic it’s critical to understand as a site owner that increases are not always good if the other statistics aren’t in sync with them.

Proactive SEO

When we made modifications to mailing lists and emails that were bouncing due to SPF errors in the mailer then we increased the amount of opt-in users  who were receiving 1000s of promotional emails. Because so many of those users are on mobile devices we also had a large increase in mobile traffic as well as desktop traffic. By being more mobile friendly we also got the attention of search engines who prefer mobile friendly websites.
There was a 38.75% increase in New Users with a decrease in the bounce rate and a 104% increase in the average Session Duration (time on site basically).


Keep in mind that when looking at any of these screenshots that you will not see any drops which would be represented by numbers in RED. It is common to see a variation in results where something improves and something else doesn’t. Across the board this performance is all Green which shows the quality of the improvements that were made. This was accomplished by a proactive approach that took an extra few hours to accomplish but in the end helped increase our audience and response rates by a landslide.

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