Unique SEO and Social Media system

SEO Social API
SEO Social API

We have some very exciting improvements that we have been making which have positively impacted many test clients’ search engine results and overall exposure on the Internet. These methods have been implemented at our own expense during their testing period to make sure they are effective and we’re excited to see that results are even better than expected. We would like to significantly expand this program to benefit everyone but this is something which will require a small increase to our valued clients.
Our extensive ongoing research and the Google indicators have made it clear that what happens on social postings is having a much bigger effect on your rankings. Our system has fluidly evolved with this Internet pattern.
We have a unique SEO and Social Media system that allows you to keep your business exposure at the maximum for your investment. This will help our clients expand their reach in over 200 websites and directories as well as direct updating capability on about 80 social media sites
Additional Optional Services:
We also are offering the following services that we would recommend to our clients the costs are listed below.  Try it for 3 months and I am sure you will be more than happy with the ROI.
Creation and Posting of Social Content and regular updates.
For clients who are not able to devote time to managing updates we need to manage your social media accounts and post on a regular basis.
News and Press Release services:
Additional services are also now available to utilize News and Press release services which distribute internet news in the same manner that the Associated Press distributes news to local newspapers. Please contact us for more details on this and we can provide more detailed information as each scenario is unique.
Proven Results
For all of the sites which we have tested in the system they have seen at least 25-50% traffic increases. Your traffic also should be going up significantly and so is your ROI on your investment with us. We stand with confidence that you will also see positive results at least equal to this/these small investment(s)
$84 for the annual subscription and only $100 to set up (one-time fee).
We have set up half of our clients on SEO Moz and it is working extremely well.  We would like to set your business up to help with our SEO efforts and give you an even better ROI on our services.

  1. Moz Local ensures that your business listings are correct, consistent, and visible across the web. They push your listing and url to all of the major data aggregators. The search engines can find your location information, and new customers can find you!
  2. We take the time commitment and hassle out of updating listings. Moz Local pushes accurate location data to all the major data aggregators and several top-tier online directories, helps you close duplicate business listings, and lets you easily update your business listings. When your listings are correct and consistent online, new customers can discover your business.

Directory Submission (not Old School Style!)
This is a complex SEO system which assists us in optimizing your and maintaining Internet standards while keeping up with your competitors’ SEO strategies to put it in a nutshell.
There are additional directories, business listings and search engines which offer paid listing options that can be considered for specific demographics.
We have already set you up in this program which is included in your normal SEO monthly subscription.
This makes sure that your site is all set up in the major search engines and directories. We have a list of these sites available in the following pages (see the last page). This is a custom process and is done one site at a time to fully configure each business profile on each site. This is not limited to search engine submissions but it’s the easiest way to explain it to someone. As part of the monthly cost we optimize the submissions of client updates such as submissions of posts, articles, photos, videos, general assistance where needed.
For new clients: If this has not already been done we integrate the website with YouTube, Google+, LinkedIN, Facebook  and a select list of other business networks for maximum exposure of all areas of the business specialties.
Also we create business listings on sites such as Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and others.
Social API
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