Unleashing Creativity in the Workplace

Back in the olden days of technology during the Pentium revolution and technology boom of the 90s we worked for companies who thrived on the creative input of their employees.
These days are gone in the top 500 corporations with few exceptions as we watch our jobs go overseas to more intuitive companies and startups who have for one reason or another benefited from running their operations outside of the USA.

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Up until 2000 and shortly thereafter there was a real spark in the tech community as everyone was excited about being part of such an amazing growth during an exciting time in technology history. Intellectual property wasn’t so well guarded as we were all a working force with only one common interest. Making kick ass technology for whatever company. Companies were loyal to their employees and they rewarded loyalty of their employees. It was a win win. Then came the middle managers. The business managers. They infiltrated the tech community and sucked the creative life out of all things dear to us. The inspiration and the comradery. It was turned into numbers and deadlines and corporate greed for taking credit for the ideas of others. People started to get stifled as they saw managers taking credit for their accomplishments. Or other people taking credit. It became a battle of knowledge because people were fighting for the big paychecks.

Geeks are not good interviewers. We work. We work hard and long hours. We are not into politics. We want to get the job done whatever it takes. That’s why they call us geeks. It’s not derogatory. It’s a compliment. We are thinkers and thrive on doing what others say can’t be done.
I was told 1000 times that something couldn’t be done. We took all of those things that others believed weren’t possible and created Unleash Your Geek, Inc. A company that lives and breathes the concept of intuitive development of new technologies and UNLEASHING the creative talents of our employees. We have some of the best ideas because we will never stifle creativity and reward our consultants for their hard work. Their ingenuity.
Don’t let your company suffer because your CEO needs a new Porsche. Reward your employees. Employee retention equates to longevity in the market. When your staff knows your product they are more effective to your clients. It’s full circle.
How do you spark creativity in employees?
– Let them work at their comfort zone. Being creative is a creative process. Flex hours. Work from home. Relaxed environment. Comfortable chair. Catered lunch for $3 a head. Something that shows that you as a company are loyal and appreciate their hard work. Their contribution to the company.
When you are relaxed you think more clearly right? Find out what makes your employees tick. Try to adjust to their comfort zone for a short period and see how it works.
Here is a great article this guy wrote about creativity. It’s some good stuff and you might also benefit from reading this also:
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