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We read about it but now we got the phone call.  Please read on for your own safety.

Be aware and I suggest that anyone who reads this posts it on their Facebook wall to let everyone they know.

For those who know me my background is in Internet fraud and internet security. This is a very real and very important alert. I will follow this up with more extensive background as soon as I find out more.

Please read on:

There is a company calling themselves Microsoft Windows and they are calling people directly claiming that their computers will become disabled in 24 hours if they do not access your computer remotely to perform a security fix.
What they explained is something I have encountered but Microsoft never calls their customers directly. This company claims to be working for Microsoft and claims to be in Texas. The number we have is 850-391-0706 and in my search is associated with a website unrelated to this kind of a business and is a Pensacola, Florida phone number.
One of the first words they used was “Bank” which made me wonder if this is their concern or their motive.
They provide some pretty convincing explanations for what they are doing but didn’t pass some pretty simple security questions I gave them.
What they seem to be trying to accomplish is to possibly install a tracking cookie or some other root level bot which could track your browsing, logons (to banks or other highly sensitive accounts).
They offer this as a free service and told me that they have my data and that my computer is at risk. This is a lie because I called them.
This has been confirmed as a fraud. If anyone has questions on this I can be contacted directly by using messenger at facebook.com/unleashyourgeek,LinkedIN.com/unleashyourgeektwitter.com/unleashyourgeek or via my website at www.unleashyourgeek.com.