VeryKool Cell Phones

I recently got the VeryKool phone which is supposed to be a cheap solution to give you essential connectivity. We wanted to test it as a portable music player. Not the greatest idea.
Unfortunately we were stopped dead in our tracks when testing this on 2 fronts.
When trying to download the Sync software from their website all of their Zip files are empty! They give you the option of choosing which model you have and no matter which model you choose the Zip file we downloaded is empty.
Usually with cell phones you can easily connect the phone to your PC and simply copy and paste mp3 music files into your phone’s directory. From there the phone should be able to read those music files and play them. In this case we copied the music files to every possible directory on our memory card and the phone doesn’t want to play them. It gives us errors about unrecognized formats.
If there were some sort of an import function that would allow these files to be added to the music library or possibly convert them to a playable format by installing an App that would help.
We decided to visit the website and do it old school style by downloading a Sync software that is supposed to be for managing files and playing music as well as other things. For days on end we revisited the site and tried downloading these files which continue to download with no content.
Since this didn’t work we sent their support team a trouble ticket. They replied within 2 days and also emailed me the file personally. KUDOS!!! Good Save ALL!! Thank You.
The UPSIDE? I tuned into the FM channel and was able to go for a bike ride and listen to the radio. Not a terrible alternative I guess.