Your Website is Being Attacked – Are You Safe?

There is no exact number on the amount of websites that are under constant brute force attack by a variety of sources.

We study 100s of servers and maintain daily collections of the top attacking servers. We use this to keep our clients protected.
When you have a website it’s important to understand the complex nature of vulnerabilities not only on your server but on the private aspects of your business.
Client lists
Client data.
Keep your website and your clients safe

Millions if not billions of dollars in liability for a vulnerable system.


Internet Security for SEO

My educated guess is that less than 5% of the websites in the world are safe against cyber attacks.
There are less than 10 countries that account for an average of 50% of all internet SPAM Referral and brute force attacks.
That means that 50% of cyber attacks come from less than 10 countries on earth.
This is also an important aspect of your internet marketing campaign because if you are creating social media accounts and other directory submissions then you will be opening up more opportunities to divulge important data.
All of these things need to be considered when building a complete and long term internet marketing campaign. Internet Security will become one of your biggest vulnerabilities and if that isn’t enough the search engines will penalize you when they see that your website does not pass basic internet security rules.

Internet Security for SEO