SEO: If You Bring It In Then Take It Out

SEO Consultants: Everyone says that they’re different. They are the unique company.
They will rank you in the Top 10 (this is a lie by the way).
I’m not an SEO company. Unleash Your Geek is a company that was built to make a difference.
We aren’t going to try to convince you to work with us. That’s your choice obviously. What we can do is to help you evaluate what will truly help your business without throwing a ton of money out the window.
Even if you do save money then what happens next?
How much time will you spend double checking the work of the firm that you hire to help manage your SEO and Internet marketing?
How do you decide how much access they will have to your company, servers, accounts, and other sensitive areas.
That’s why we’re here.
We work with a philosophy that we adopted from our years as outdoors men, campers, nature lovers, pioneers.
If you carry it in then you carry it out. What does this mean? If it was yours going in then it’s yours going out.
This is the last thing anyone ever thinks of managing but it does at some point become a game changer because while you are working so hard protecting all of your secret entrances you are also BLOCKING your agent from making progress!
All the money you just saved by making a deal is being wasted because you and your organization our costing yourselves MONEY and time.
Now you have the other blindspot which you didn’t realize was so important until it was too late. All of your content, meta tags, written text, formatting, and sentence structure, have bad grammar. The “SEO” company consists of a team that is using text spinning software and is not checking the way that everything is written! They have poor education or English is a 2nd language. We value the work of everyone in the industry but the reality is that many firms are challenged by many of the unique areas of English that might be specific to a region, a topic, a neighborhood, etc. People from one part of the USA might approach a topic differently and they might respond to one method of marketing differently than they respond to marketing from another part of the country.
This is the issue.
When you approach Internet Marketing it’s important to also consider the primary language of the team that is in charge of the most important cornerstone of your campaign. Since we enjoy working with people from all over the world we make sure that the area focused on dialect, lingo, slang, and that type of thing, is closely monitored.

How do you choose the right company? Well, this is why people choose us. Here’s a little story for you:

A ship engine failed, no one could fix it. Then they brought in a man with 40 yrs. on the job. He inspected the engine carefully, top to bottom. After looking things over, the guy reached into his bag and pulled out a small hammer. He gently tapped something. Instantly, the engine lurched into life. The engine was fixed! 7 Days later the owners got his bill for 10k. ‘What?!’ the owners said ‘You hardly did anything. Send us an itemized bill. ” the reply simply said Tapping with a hammer. $2 Knowing where to tap? $9,998 Don’t Ever Underestimate Experience

The significance of this story of course is that like in SEO related areas of work a lot of what we do is not just on the surface but it also involves a lot of prevention, application of experience, and efficiency. Often times we find ourselves trying to prevent disasters or do things which will make a whole system run better in the long term but a short sighted approach and inexperienced management can quickly derail efforts to optimize the system that supports the overall SEO plan.
A quick example if the aforementioned spelling and grammar which might have gone unnoticed during the interview process. This can cost a lot of money and time in wasted efforts so the experience of a seasoned expert will take this into consideration as well as 100s of other things and help to make sure that common inefficient processes are avoided. All of these things together will make for a more successful and cost effective campaign.
A properly run campaign will also leave the owner in complete control of all their resources if and when an SEO team departs from the project. 
There are some well known companies out there, one who manages Urgent Care centers, who literally hijack your social media and all of your social accounts because they integrate your marketing into their systems. If you ever leave them the media goes with and you lose everything you paid to have them create. This is the top priority of being proactive is that you need to make sure that everything is always on your server or at least in a format where it can always be retrieved without a legal issue. These companies claim ownership of content. A company like Justia who manages law firms will take over most of your system and make it very difficult to have ownership of that content during or after the fact.
I’ll be writing a more specific follow up article on these two companies that I just mentioned because they become very good examples of what situations to avoid.
Hence, the campers’ motto: If You Bring It In Then Take It Out. 

I don’t work with people who are motivated by money. I am motivated by people who do what they love because when they enjoy their work we all become successful together. So I would ask them if they enjoy(ed) their work and if they are happy or are they rich. I grew up with people who were filthy rich. They were only interested in having more. For me I saw this as them filling a void because without money they didn’t know how to be happy. They can have their money. I sleep at night with a clean conscience and make good money while being a positive influence on people and also Enjoy what I do. Do what you LOVE and the money will follow. Learn to love yourself and you’ll never need money to make you happy.