Yext 30 Day Review: Power Listings and Reviews

The Yext system allows tracking of customer reviews across most of their publishers. There are some which do not support reviews and we will have to see which publishers do not participate.
The system allows a customizable mailing so that reviews an be imported by Yext and managed by the business owner or webmaster. This makes it easy to keep clients updated on their latest reviews and allows a way to be aware of any negative reviews that could pop up. By responding in a timely manner to some reviews that allow replies this offers a show of good customer service to folks in cyber space who want to see that the business owner is on top of their client base.
Only monitoring is allowed. It does not allow replying to reviews or interaction with reviews. All managing of the actual reviews is handled by the individual publishers.
Our Question: How do you manage a review if the Publisher is being managed by YEXT? Yext overrides clients from logging in so we will have to find out how to manage replying to reviews if we technically do not have control over these sites and with this restriction.
As we gather the existing customer reviews from our test clients we will share the results of how well this system is managed and as well we will let you know which of the Publishers do not support this.
From what we can tell so far these are the sites which support reviews monitoring:
Where To?
Yellow Cauldron

The initial Scan for reviews takes 24 hours.

Ratings breakdown and from where.
In the end we want to provide a complete laundry list of things which you need to plan on managing outside of the Yext system for whatever reason or at least make recommendations as to pros and cons of all options.

  • Yext syncs with your customer’s listings to push out location content and to receive report data. This sync also enables Yext to pull in reviews on those listings
  • The Reviews tab aggregates your customer reviews. You are able to sort them by site, rating, search by keywords, and email or export the reviews
Reports Overview. This is how Yext will show you that your campaign is working or at least provide you with some informative data. We’ll be giving more detailed analysis of this function with Live website data during the period of this 30 day test.
Yext has integra(ons with publishers that enable you to view data about your Yext PowerListings from a single place
•  The reports track 5 metrics

•  Searches – the number of times a consumer has run a search and seen your listing in the search results on a Yext publisher site
•  Profile Views – the number of times a customer has seen your full listing profile on a publisher site, either by clicking on your listing from a search on the site, or from another search engine
•  Featured Message Clicks – the number of times a customer clicked on the Clickable Featured Message data only available if you have provided a URL for this field)
•  Yahoo! Name Clicks – the number of (mes a customer clicked on the location name for your listing, from the Yahoo! Search results. These clicks direct traffic to the business website, rather than opening the full listing profile
•  PowerListings Live – the total number of Yext PowerListings that were live on all publisher sites
Yext needs to receive data from all publishers and QA the data before making it available in your customer dashboards. This means you can expect there to be a 2″4 week delay on listings reports
 search engine and SEO with ReviewsMonitor Your Search Engine Reviews with Yext
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