Yext: Beginning with the Reseller Program and Benefits for the Clients

Unleash Your Geek Yext APIThis article is a continuation in a 30 day series of evaluating the ins and outs of the Yext power listings system.

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In this stage of the evaluation we’re entering into the Yext reseller training and certification.
What we would like to see is that the program teaches its resellers well and that being a Certified Reseller has value. We look forward to learning how to effectively use the system so that we can drive it to its maximum potential.

Out intention is to use the Yext system as part of a larger and more complex algorithm which intelligently drive traffic and share information through a variety of channels.

During the certification program we will keep notes on what we get taught in the training and when all is completed we’ll see what questions still need to be answered. Our goal is to make sure that this system can do everything we hope that it will do.

Stage One:

We now begin with the certification training process.

We are sent an email from Yext to login to their training module for an introduction to the Yext system. This will show all of the key essentials to using the tool such as:

Quick summary of your client list, sign up date, expiration, and a link to each customer’s dashboard

There is an optimization indicator showing how much progress has been made setting up the client’s profile. 4 Stars for this Option.

As a Partner you have the option of buying monthly subscriptions or annual subscriptions.A minimum retention rate will apply for monthly subscriptions and if the cancellation rate for those customers is high, monthly subscriptions will no longer be available to you.
(We think that is fair otherwise people would try to use this system to set up their clients’ accounts and then cancel it once the task is finished not realizing that ongoing management of the system is key to fully benefit from a good SEO/Marketing strategy)

P.O. Boxes are not eligible for Power Listings and cannot be signed up
This is simply because many search engines do not allow P.O. Boxes and require a physical business address. Using a PO Box would disqualify your company from getting registered in many places and therefore Yext becomes a moot system if it is not standardizing registrations.

There is a place to add more locations for clients (up to 4) and an easy to follow billing system that clearly states how much it will cost to add that additional location.
Yelp Restriction• 
If you set up a customer with more than 4 locations, Yelp can no longer be included in the package of publisher listings
•  This restriction is part of our agreement with Yelp. Yelp prefers to work directly with enterprise customers with 5 locations or more.
There is a link in the partner dashboard for support in the Yext Certified Partner Community. Grat support forums with good information and feedback for those who have this aptitude.
Yext has a system for keeping track of customer reviews so that if someone goes to Yelp and posts a review you can add an email so that a customer gets notified as well.
Great Idea by Yext.
On the Customer Dashboard there is a tool which allows you to export the data showing where the site has been successfully registered.
Most of these registrations are done in real time and for various reasons some other sites could take a little more time.
As part of our testing process we will be providing exact details of each site where data is being updated and we will let you know the timeline for each one to get updated properly and what prevailed in the process. For example if there is a verification needed or some other obstacle or benefit which made the process easier or more difficult.
During the training process there is a discussion of how to customize the partner area and how to generate reports for clients. Yext seems to take care of this and make it easy for most people to get information to their clients. This process will be tested once we add our own account and step through the process of reporting our submission process via email notification.
Featured Message – (more or less a promotion or coupon tool which is really great)
Many search engines and directories allow for coupons and special messages in order to promote certain products or services. They show us a tool for updating this field and then using the Power Listings to update it across 50 or so sites. I see this as being very beneficial for daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal promotions that would otherwise be very difficult to stay synchronized for all of these directories. We will determine throughout the process how well this function works as we have some very select clients with who we intend on putting this function to the test.
We will be able to provide exact numbers on how many click throughs went to the exact promo page and we’ll know whether or not it came from a Yext Power Listings function.
Within the same function there is a way to use what is called a Display URL in order to show a more attractive (SEF-Search Engine Friendly URL) URL to the people on the Internet. For example if you have a promotional URL that is long and cryptic with a lot of numbers and letters then you can create a short and easy to read URL <redirect> which will be easier to remember but won’t affect your ability to track for advertising purposes.
YouTube and Video Links
Easy to use entry for placing your YouTUbe links and these will be power listed to any place that accepts video links in their profiles and submissions.
Content Lists – These can be applied to individual locations of a business if a business has different things to promote or sell depending on location.

  • Products/Services
  • Calendars
  • Staff Bios
  • Menus – for restaurants and other locations that serve food or drinks

“Yext’s exclusive content lists transform your customers’ business listings with rich information customers need as they move from
considering a purchase online to buying offline
•  Go beyond the Where of business listings & tell potential customers the Who, What, and When with 4 types of content lists”
I Personally love this feature and we are planning on using it for 3 of our high profile clients who have product catalogs and regular promotions. There is a function for importing large product listings by using a spreadsheet import function.
For anyone who has ever used CSV or XLS to import products we all know how delimiters an make things difficult sometimes and there seems to always be issues encountered when doing imports. We’ll let you know how this goes as this is one of our biggest pet peeves with shopping carts and other purchasing systems.

File Submission Requirements
You must have one of the following:
•  A document describing the list in Microsoft Word or PDF format
•  A link to an existing list on a web site
•  A photo of the physical list

Yext does provide a spreadsheet template to make this easier. Bonus!

We’re told this system easily integrates into their social posting program which provides a good way to get out the latest product promos that link directly back to product pages. This function will be tested to the fullest extend with results posted for your benefit.
Yext also has an automated option which allows submitted a link to a website that contains the products or services and by submitting this link Yext will create this list for you. This is being added to our test to see the outcome. It would be great for us to be able to connect to one of our online catalogs if it will be that easy!
Turbo Publishers
Yext has a category of listings which are called Turbo Publishers. This means that once you verify that your business listing information is correct in the Yext Power Listings Dashboard then you can submit the info to all of your chosen websites (i.e. Yelp, Yahoo, FOurSquare, etc). One a listing is LIVE there are some which get their updates within 5 minutes every time you do mass updates. THose are called Turbo Publishers.
Turbo Publishers are great because it’s a great way to get real time promotions out there. What we will be reporting on is which ones are Turbo Publishers and how well do the listings respond to the updates and how important are these sites that are categorized as Turbo Publishers.
Yahoo, Yelp and Superpages are “Non-Turbo” and take 3-5 days to update. 
Certain Publishers accept the aforementioned “Content Lists”. Some of them don’t. There is a symbol which indicates which of these are PowerListings+ enabled.
Yelp and Bing Limitations:
Yelp can only accept changes to Name, address info, website URL, business hours, and 3 categories. Yelp does not support additonal enhanced content such as Featured Messages or Enhanced Listings.
For best results with Yelp in enhanced listings it is better to Claim the Yelp listing and manage it directly with Yelp. SOme of Yelp’s services in this respect cost extra.
Bing can update Name, address and phone numbers. Only local numbers are allowed. No tracking phone  numbers or 800 numbers.
If a Bing listing has already been claimed by someone then Yext can not control it. We will find out if you are the person who claimed it if that listing can be converted into a Yext managed account. Bing however in any respect has limitations within the Yext system at the time of this article. Maybe this will change. If you want enhanced listings with Bing it is best to claim those listings and manage them manually for the best results.
Facebook and FourSquare need login credentials to synchronize listings on their sites. This will not be an issue as most webmasters and businesses should have this login information. Once it is in hand it doesn’t have to be done again unless someone changes the passwords or login info on these accounts.
Our next Article will talk about the Customer Reviews and how they are managed.

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