Yext Power Listings: 30 Days Under the Microscope

Welcome back to our exciting and geeky review of Yext and their Power Listings product!
If you have been following our series we are doing a full and in-depth analysis of how the Yext system evolves from the moment of purchase to the moment of impact.
If you would like to catch up on the series you can visit the Yext Power Listings section of our website where all of the articles in the series are being organized:
As discussed in the first articles we are testing many factors.
One of the first things we were really excited to get into was to see how easy it will be to get a New company or an existing company without listings to get listed across all of Yext’s partner sites.
As an SEO company that has grown on referrals Unleash Your Geek never really spent time listing our own company in all of the places across the Internet because we have grown solely on the referrals of satisfied clients (and our great partnership with Denver Internet Marketing & SEO in Denver).
For this reason we were very excited to get right into it and start getting the listings started.
To begin we logged into Yext’s EASY to use Power Listings system. The system walked us through step by step to add a new listing and as we make progress there is a % wheel which keeps track of our progress in getting a business fully optimized in their system.
YEXT is Not an SEO system and should not be used as an SEO tool because it is merely a mechanism that when used properly can benefit your business a lot. In the hands of experts the Yext system, we believe, will help contribute to better rankings. In our case we our using our own secret SEO formula to make Yext a powerful contribution to an overall SEO plan that will be used for all of our clients.
Unleash Your Geek, Inc. had ZERO listings other than our Google+, Google Places and a few random listing directories on the Internet.
On January 24, 2014 we added Unleash Your Geek to the system and at this moment we are about 40% optimized according to the Yext tool. We are finding that as easy as it is to get listed there are additional functions in the system that might be best saved for advanced users but if just getting your listings synchronized is what you want then amateurs shouldn’t have too much of a problem. For full effect we do recommend having someone manage your Yext system though because it can be a full time job if you want to go full tilt.

With ONE click the Yext system went to work. It started showing “Processing” status and because it actually had to register new listings it took a couple of days before our mailbox started to get flooded with registration and listing confirmations from all of their partners (Yelp, Mapquest,, etc.).

Within 7 days…just a few days ago we saw a successful list of sites which had complete and correct listings of Unleash Your Geek! Pretty Cool!
Here is a screenshot of our listings page that shows LIVE all the way down with just 3 exceptions and those are profiles that we need to hit manually. and Google+. No big deal. Once an account is manually created with them the Yext system easily ties in. You might choose to manually manage these pages though because Yext has different things that it controls on those sites that limit the full potential than if you work with them manually. But for getting everything synched up it’s a good place to start!

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Yext Listings
Here are some of the things we will keep you posted on and what difficulty level you can expect:
You can use Yext to publish posts to your site by adding a Widget that displays new posts. New posts can be created from within the Yext system and you can also choose to download the Yext app which we THINK will allow us to post something on the fly from our mobile device (iPad, tablet, android). We’ll see how that goes and let you know.
Event Calendars: You can import a spreadsheet into Yext or manually enter event dates so that your events get automatically distributed to whatever Yext partner sites offer Calendar and Event listings as part of their profile option.
Restaurant menus!: We are JAZZED about this!! We have clients who are trying to promote their menus and are having a rough time in a competitive market. I fully expect this system to revolutionize our client’s chocolate business when we introduce the Yext system to our internal plan. Even as a stand alone solution this can help any restaurant get their menu and specials out there as often as they wish with a few easy steps. With some experience and time behind the wheel a business could watch their menus reach places it has never seen before and save the business owner $100s if not $1000s of dollars in advertising costs for print and other media options.
Staff Bios: This is really a great thing because as you enter in your employee information or BIOS of choice members of your staff, and yourself, you can introduce your background, your education, and really show people who you are as a business. This can easily be tied in with a LinkedIN or other social media to drive people back to Yext and partner sites that also host your personal BIOS. Yext does not specifically have a tool for LinkedIN but we have a tool we will use too make sure our LinkedIN associates get linked back.
Content Lists: Another AWESOME mechanism. Enter your company catalog of products and services and watch it INSTANTLY (YES, INSTANTLY!!!) land on over 40 or more (YES FORTY or more!!!) of the Yext partner sites. We tested this with one of our biggest clients who is an event rentals company and adding new products was easy. They also offer an import function so that you can upload multiple products simultaneously and with a little work we have found that importing products and services into the system was fairly quick and painless. We admit that we did want to see how the manual process worked so we entered in about 10 or so products first for sake of comparison. I do recall seeing something about importing products deleting previous products but I could be wrong. I need to double check. Just keep a copy of your spreadsheet. They do have an Export function so no worries!
The Content List blew my mind! I was able to make changes to products and then visit any one of the partner sites and see those changes live within seconds. This has already proven to be beneficial because our client runs weekly promotions so we are able to showcase products in REAL TIME!!
So now for our TRAFFIC update! What have we experienced with inbound traffic as a result of these updated profiles in the last 7 days? Can you expect more traffic? Yes. Maybe. Depending on the demand for your product or service of course.  We’ll get into more detail on traffic improvement in the next article after enough time has passed to gather and accumulate sufficient information and traffic patterns.
My article will jump around a lot and attempt to cover a lot of topics if you haven’t noticed already. Please feel free to post questions if there is a particular area where you would like statistics. We have already gathered enough technical information to put an army to sleep so if you have specific questions about the Yext system and our results don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my best to include them in the series.
At the moment we have 4 websites in the system and over the next 2 weeks we will be adding 4 new clients who will represent unique niches of the Yext system in an effort to show examples of how effective the program was for their business.
One of our client that we added already has had FOUR inquiries from a partner site and the same client enjoyed a $1200 sale from their online catalog that had posted a special!