Your Business and How to Unleash Your Geek

Is your business struggling to meet the demands of the constantly changing Internet standards?

What is Unleash Your Geek?
What does this mean?

To Unleash by Our Definition:
– Helping our clients to Unleash their hidden talents to help them manage aspects of their Internet business. Many organizations don’t have the budget to staff a full time <jack-of-all-trades>. We help you Unleash Your Geek so that the job gets done with minimal effort on your behalf or behalf of your organization.
Continue doing the work you do best and we will delegate tasks within the different skill sets of your employees to reduce the overhead in managing your Internet business. By effectively delegating tasks that optimize each employees’ skills you can keep them interested and using their skills effectively.

We will do the rest!
Read on to find out why you need to Unleash Your Geek Now

Managing a truly effective website is the combined effort of many different skills. It’s rare to find a full time employee, or even management company, who can perform all of the necessary responsibilities for under $50-$75,000 per year.
Essentially you would need to hire the following skills and more:

  • Internet Consultant with at least the following skills:
  • Web Designer ($40k/year average)
  • SEO/Internet Marketing ($35-$45k/year average)
  • Technical SEO – not everything is software driven and requires behind the scenes technical skills to manage the complex systems that define effective SEO
  • Database manager for shopping carts and other web driven processes
  • Social Networking and Blog Posting 
  • Directory and Search Engine submissions management
  • Linux Server Management, backup of data, optimizing server(s) for web page load speeds
  • Apps Development for iPhone and Androids. Be mobilized. Building and maintaining apps has a bare minimum cost of $2000 per year. This can go up into the tens of thousands of dollars if you’re a large organization that wants to revolutionize its product on mobile devices.
  • Affiliate marketing expert. This is a complex process. Imagine managing an affiliate list of over 1000 advertisers, managing their banner ads, keywords, accounting, database, and more. Now take this same process and do it for 10 other major affiliate networks. Here you have a new employee working full time to manage your system. No sweat. We’ll take care of it. We wrote a unique code a few years back that manages the daily catalog updates of over 10,000 affiliate marketers and gathers them all into one centralized database. This database drives all of the products offered by all of those online stores and appear across any website who wants to display ads related to their content.
    If you have a bike store then plug into our system and you’ll have a rotation of bike products. Bike events. Bike magazines. Whatever you want to appear on your site! All within our scope of systems management. We will also combine this program into your SEO, social marketing, website development, e-plan and more.

Would you pay $1000 a month for this convenience to be at your fingertips? $1500 a month? We will analyze your organization to find a system that meets your needs. 

The Definition of Unleash <Your Geek>- as defined on the Internet:
– unleash someone or something (up)on someone or something
– to turn someone or something loose on someone or something. 

Example: The computer geeks unleashed their analytic and troubleshooting skills to resolve the computer problem.
– to allow someone or something to be free when they were previously strictly controlled
We manage a limited amount of clients simultaneously so that every client gets the highest level of service. With 20 years of experience developing the systems that propel our clients’ success you’ll be in good hands. Our references are solid.
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