Who Am I?

glassesThanks for visiting us at Unleash Your Geek. I hope me and my staff can help you find what you’re looking for.
I’m Chuc Mason and I started this journey that became Unleash Your Geek back in the mid late 80s when I started in the national marketing arena. I began with a small startup called Insider Magazine, a national college monthly, as a sales rep and this evolved into my National Sales Director role. In 1994 I moved to Kansas City to expand our market and distribution network. While I was building an incredible client base I stumbled across Gateway 2000 computers who had just opened up a technical support call center in Kansas City to support their home computer empire.
While at Gateway I was trained in personal computers and fell in love with it. I had applied for a Sales job!! After over 15 years of experience in sales I was told I wasn’t qualified. Hm.
I advanced in the support arena and became a part of the research and development of products. This became a highly technical and advanced position as we fielded over 10,000 calls a day in a period where we were dealing with a new technology that no one knew anything about.
From DOS to Windows 3.1 to Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Windows 7 and beyond I’ve sat at the grunt level all the way to the top of the most advanced technical teams in a handful of Fortune 500 (Forbes 500?!) companies.
During my last 17 years since I worked at Gateway I’ve worked for advanced analysis teams at companies like SBC/Ameritech, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a couple of top trading firms, and over 50 major companies as a turn around analyst.
In 2001 I started a small Internet company that developed websites for a few choice clients with offices in Russia, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, England and a few more.
From 2001 to 2012 I’ve developed and managed over 500 websites while creating E-Commerce solutions and mass marketing systems. At the time we didn’t call it search engine optimization as we didn’t know what that was yet. We developed some of the first ‘algorithms’ that helped pioneer our current system for scientifically and intuitively promoting websites on the Internet. During this growth we also helped develop methods for customers to manage their websites and create regular updates.
Since 2007 I’ve personally devoted over 70 hours a week to my computer by creating systems that we now have in place to manage websites and their Search Engine Optimization processes.