Our Pledge to You

The techs at Unleash Your Geek are committed to providing quality service at a reasonable price. We do not promise to be cheaper or to do anything faster but we do promise that we will provide you with the most intelligent and effective options possible. We have a large team of highly experienced engineers who specialize in many different aspects of the technology industry. We quote our services on realistic time-lines which represent the necessary time to deliver a service. Many companies and consultants will promise to do something faster or cheaper knowing that it will have cost overruns and will probably take longer. This adversely affects your internal costs when planning your downtime and development. With this type of approach we finish on time if not sooner, sometimes for less money than expected and the result is that you receive proactive solutions which may prevent future issues.
Full-Service IT Support for Small to Medium Businesses (SMB) As a business professional, your leadership is more valuable to your organization than time spent supporting and managing IT. You need dependable systems, productive teams, and assurance that your critical business assets are protected. Leave the worries of IT behind while still controlling costs with the Unleash Your Geek Complete Care services. We provide you the proactive maintenance you need, help you deploy new tools, and keep your business up and running. Our techs have years of experience across many different technologies and understand the unique IT needs of your small business. Complete Care Services * Proactive, preventive maintenance for your network * Predictable IT support costs with reduced fees * Access to expert technical consultants when you need them * Priority helpdesk support

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