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More than 30 websites that we have tested have increased by at least 25% in the last 30 days.
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This isn’t SEO.


For 15 years I’ve been studying traffic on the Internet and working with 100s of applications and methods that are used for attracting visitors. Most of the focus of Internet marketers is to “get ranked on Google” so this has always been a portion of the challenge.
Those days are gone of needing to be on the first page of Google and this is the reason.
To be on the first page of Google is a vague goal since there are a variety of search terms and algorithms which can help you arrive there. There are long tail keywords, artificial intelligence factors that Google uses to determine rank, monetized keywords, content considerations and more.
What is more important than being on the first page of Google is to be seen. and found, on more areas of the Internet where qualified buyers can find you.
This isn’t always Google.
When I do a search for something it might arrive on Yelp as a business listing. It might arrive on It could end up as a citation in an article. It could even end up as a listing on in the Google search results.
For this reason it is not only important to “get ranked” but it is important to create quality content which can be found by way of numerous methods. This is the secret sauce.
These years of research have involved testing of over 500 websites in over 200 categories and 100s of specialties. We have tested 1000s of scenarios and taken the results in the ongoing testing to modify our system on a daily basis in order to help our customers get better quality visitors on their website.

The Important of Google Analytics Bounce Rates

One of the most important issue regarding a website is to keep your bounce rate under control. Many marketers focus so much on driving traffic (i.e. A quote from a popular SEO firm is: “We will bring you 5,000 visitors for $99!) that they fail to point out the importance of the onsite SEO, quality content, INTERESTING material, products that people will buy, and generally speaking a simple reason for that new visitor to STAY ON YOUR WEBSITE. If you drive 5,000 visitors to your site and only 1 stays then you just jacked up your bounce rate and the search engines give you a low quality rating which isn’t helping your rankings anywhere. It also means that you are wasting money on “driving traffic”.

Organic SEO

In order to get quality traffic and to increase visitor retention you must have quality content. I started saying this 10 years ago and it applies more today then every before:


Visit your website and decide if you want to stay there long enough to look around.

How to Get Quality Visitors

Now that your website is something that is interesting you need to get quality traffic. This will be easier to do with quality content.
We take this process and we make it painless and if you have completed the burden of making a quality site then our job is going to be easier. We have the most unique system out there and realize that is quite a bold statement. Maybe someone else is using something that works as well.

  • The Unleash Your Geek system comes from at least 15 years of research and experience.
  • It has proven itself to be competitive and successful for a solid 10 years. Before SEO was even a term.
  • We CAN improve the quality of traffic for almost any website that you can give us. Why? Because we have the secret sauce.
  • We can show you how to boost your website traffic naturally and over time so that you won’t just see an instance of low quality traffic. You will build and grow an online presence over 3-6 months which will continue to grow naturally and systematically over a long period of time which in turn will give you longevity in your market.

There are very few companies on the Internet that can accomplish what we accomplish here. I know because I stand behind this system.
I founded Unleash Your Geek, Inc. on the principle of giving my clients what they pay to accomplish. You have my word.
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