Internet Marketing and SEO Boot Camp

seocampIf you have a business that is following the competition maybe it’s time to become the leader.
Simple tips and tricks that can help your organization could save your standing as well as bump you ahead of your competitors.
SEO Boot Camp is more than just training you on how to improve the rankings of your company in the search engines. This is a top to bottom insight as to what your specific company can do to get ahead.
There are things that the technical SEO and Internet Marketing folks can do to help manage your site but what is your organization doing that could be tweaked to improve the customer experience?
Only a group with real world business experience combined with the technical savvy and understanding of what is effective on the Internet can give you the insight as to how you can move ahead.
Here’s an example: How many times have you had an inquiry from your website and you didn’t reply to that inquiry within a few hours? An hour? How fast is your competition responding to online inquiries? On Saturdays? Sundays? Holidays? How can you make sure that you’re the first to respond to these inquiries so that you retain all potential quality business leads?
We are here to help show you the 100s of things that can be done to make sure you are not missing any opportunities. Things that some people wouldn’t dream possible?
HOW do we have these answers? After building 100s of websites and managing just as many Internet marketing campaigns we have witnessed and documented all of the scenarios we saw that contributed to loss of potential business.
Client retention: Equally as important once you get the clients what do you need to do to make sure you keep them? Again what is the competition offering? How do you monitor the benefits of the competition? Keep all of these things in mind and watch as we show you how you can increase your retention rate and see your customers coming back again and again. For years!
Our client retention rate by the way has been above 90% for almost 10 years. People leave for different reasons and when they do leave maybe it’s best for everyone. We maintain great relationships with our clients and we generate 95%% of our business on referrals. 95%!!
SEO Boot Camp is held in our Costa Rica office in the lap of paradise so that you can relax and focus with no distractions, other than sun and good weather. Whether you choose the one week or full one month course you will learn some of the essential building blocks for making your organization stronger while providing a higher level of services to your clients.