Part Time Graphic Designer – Website Designer – Wanted ASAP – San Jose, Costa Rica

TICO / TICAS / Residents
Do you have a basic HTML knowledge?
Wordpress Experience or enough experience with web design to learn?
Do you have extensive experience with CSS/Stle Sheets?
Do you know a little English? I work with American clients and an understanding of the language is essential.
Please don’t send me a fancy resume or spend 10 hours preparing a demonstration of your work. If you have any samples that show you have the most basic experienc that would be great.
I need someone local and preferably in the Heredia, Escazu, or San Jose area. Must have your own laptop or regular and frequent access to email. Fast turnaround on work in this position is essential. Most design fixes need to be done within 2-3 days and are paid on a job by job basis to begin. After we see that you are reliable and devoted then the terms of the agreement will significantly improve We can give you as much work as your schedule allows because we are overflowed with work.
We work a lot with WordPress, a little Drupal and on raree occasion grab a Joomla job. Straight custome HTML website experience is ok also since the primary focus of your work will be your ability to use CSS/Style Sheets and embed code snippets.
I think this is 5 hours of work for the first week and will pay between $50-$100. I think $10-$20/hr. is fair for this work if it can be done within our guidelines and terms. Being in time is very important and the ability to meet deadlines is critical and essential. Bonuses for ontime and outstanding work can be discussed after the first few jobs have been completed on time.
Please email us at Facebook if you are interested or know anyone.