Responsive Websites and Responsive Design

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Creating a Responsive Design

Is your website design hampering your SEO efforts? We see it all the time. We can rebuild your existing website to work with the search engines (we can often keep the same look). We will build a whole new website that is SEO friendly from the ground up. We can incorporate your graphics, logos, images and video. We can also add contact forms and improve other calls to action. Our content writers can update existing content or develop additional content for your website or blended website campaign.
On average about 25% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. That number is growing FAST!
If you see your rankings dropping or want to increase your rankings you not only need to optimize your current website but you need too make sure it’s mobiile ready. If your visitors are on the street they will jump back to their search results if your site loads too slow.
If it’s uninteresting.
If it’s difficult to navigate.
If it doesn’t have a lead to a sale.
If it’s confusing.